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Mmmmm, I have become obsessed with bell peppers.  I love the beautiful colors and the taste of them.  I prefer the orange and red, probabaly because of the colors.  I even eat them raw now, lol.  I usually cook with them.  I now add then to my salads.  Not only for the taste but it makes my salads look so pretty!!!   I do cut them into very thin slices when I use the for my salads.

When I was a kid.  My mom used to make stuffed bell peppers.  I HATED when she cooked this meal, lolol!!!  To me it was just horrible!!!  The smell of bell peppers all over the house.  I had never made stuffed bell peppers because I only started to love them recently.  I remember
about mom's recipe.  I remember how she cooked most of the recipe by heart.  Just from watching her do it.  I did have to call my mom a couple of times about different questions I had.  I used the green colored peppers.  Next time, which should be in a few days, I will use the red, orange and green peppers.  My guys here at home didn't eat them of course.  I loved them, I thought they came out perfectly!!!!   smiley

TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 8 Responses Sep 16, 2010

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Yes country boy, very gooood.....:-)

I eats dem too... Yummmm and so good for you. they are a good staple food, with lots of essential oils.. <br />
Owniuuns too...

Heehee, yes bass, so true...;-)

Yes....that's a win/win since stuff that's better for you usually tastes much worse - lol

Hi basspla<x>yer. Yes, they don't have quite as strong of flavor as the green. Well, Im happy that I prefer the ones that are even more healthy...:-D

Hello mtv, yeah, it is a great recipe. I thought about posting it with my story but i dont have exact measurements. I just did it from memory, more or less. It did come out tasting just like mom's though...:-D

I prefer the red and orange ones too. I find them much sweeter. If memory serves me right they are also better for you.

OMG!!!! Loved stuffed bell peppers!!!! Over some home made mashed spuds!!!! Damn haven't had that in years.... Bet your mom's recipe is great!!!!!