Belly Button Love

Hi, folks, this true, though written partly in third person - kind of a merger of a few wonderful, and sadly, infrequent experiences with women with erotic belly buttons. Love to hear from you females, if you can tell me how to help a women have more pleasure from her navel, I' be very grateful (you talk to girlfriends about stuff like this, right?).

I straddled her and looked down on her. She's gorgeous: Long legs, with creamy soft skin. Her legs curved into her hips and her hips curved to her thin waist, impossibly beautiful curves. Her lovely breasts were full, firm high and as I watched her she watched herself. Smooth abs. She liked the way the faint lines of muscles looked more prominent on her tanned skin. Her navel was a deep oval at the top,narrowing to a long deep silt. So beautiful, she thought. Too bad so few appreciated its sensual possibilities. Frustrating for her sometimes.
She watched his green eyes as he looked at her belly. Affection and hunger in his eyes. She moved her fingers along the top of her tiny La Perla panties, just grazed the touch of downy hair. Then her long fingernail slowly scratched lightly, slowly, up her tummy. Sweet, she thought, she liked her own touch. Liked the desire in his eyes. Exciting, knowing he wanted her. Her finger stopped at her belly button and waited. She teased herself and, she knew, him. Just moved her finger around her pretty belly button so slowly she almost couldn't stand it, needed her fingernail in it, deep in it. She wasn't usually so sensitive to her own touch. Odd. Him watching? Maybe because he was so aroused by her navel, his eyes on her, somehow moved her to a higher erotic place. My belly button is so pretty, she thought, oval with smooth sides, inside at her center a complex of nerves, incredibly sensitive, and her little belly knot ached for her touch. His touch.
He looked into her deep eyes, down along her graceful throat, over her smooth shoulders. His eyes stopped at her breasts and she felt them. Her nipples felt his eyes and hardened into points, waiting. He smiled and his eyes moved down her stomach. They moved slowly over the smooth skin, the soft line that started at her solar plexus and marked the muscles of her abdomen, they followed the graceful stomach line to her navel and stopped. Her belly sucked in. She felt like she'd been touched. Lightly, feather-like, but, somehow, deep and sensual.
His finger moved toward her belly button. He held his finger over it, steady, unmoving. She arched her back, thrust her belly toward it. It was just out of reach and she wanted it. A soft hiss came from her lips.
His face was peaceful with a hit of desire and hunger. She looked into his green eyes and they seemed to glow, bright, alive, waiting. She thought how deep they were, how far you could into them. She smiled back at him, a beautiful happy smile. Her long finger moved to her breasts, gently stroking, circles around her firm smooth skin. Then her finger tips brushed her erect nipples and she felt the pleasure shoot down her body. But she wanted him in her navel, finger, tongue, and he was very hard with longing, beautiful how he he's so full for her. Yes, give me that she thought.
He rammed his strong finger into her belly button. So hard ad fast her breath pushed out, 'oouf' and out and again, harder, deeper, 'yess,' she said to him or to herself she couldn't tell and then again very fast and deep and he held it there pushed inward, steady powerful, god he he could reach her backbone, she loved it, the feeling, loved the idea loved seeing his finer penetrate her belly. Her navel was filled with hot golden light, pleasure building too much, too much the golden pleasure pumped and shot out and spilled out up and down her body. She felt herself moistening, rising opening and he kept pushing.
'Too much?' he asked quietly his eyes on his finger sticking belly, 'noo, no' she whispered, 'more'. She watched his finger in her belly, growing from her, invading her, she wasn't sure anymore, hard pressure, a twist of his finger his nail scraping her little belly knot, squeezed, hot, begging for more and her breath came hard and fast. She tossed her head and her long hair spread on the pure white sheets. He let up the pressure just a touch. She jackknifed up, sit-up position, her head and shoulders up and her navel grabbed his finger with her belly muscles. He looked into her and jammed it harder in, deeper and her belly button seemed to suck him in. He was hard along her tummy and he moved up, alive with need for her, slid closer.
They looked into each others eyes and she grabbed him so smooth and hard and ready, for her, for her belly button. She saw the pleasure and desire in his eyes as she stroked him against her silky tummy. She held and sucked his finger into her navel with her belly muscles, pulled him closer, pleasure flooding her she wanted him in her now, all of him, not just his finger. More. She wanted to have all his desire in her, pumping her, her pumping him. With her eyes and her hand she lead him toward her belly button hole.
He looked into her eyes and she smiled and nodded, yes. She took his finger out of her navel and pulled him toward her. He was so hard. She slowly moved his shaft up her smooth-skinned tummy, making him wait, her wait, them wait, building desire. They'd wait for it. She led him to her belly hole his skin on hers, slowly. She felt little quivers in him as she held him and moved him over her soft skin.
She looked at herself in the soft candlelight. She looked beautiful, her navel stretched and waiting and his hard shaft in her hand. But the waiting, her belly sucked in, sucked in harder, its own needs now, not hers. It wanted him, it longed for him. She looked at him, his broad chest, muscled abs, his navel stretched into a long oval and his hard shaft inching slowly in her hand up her silky tummy. They were beautiful together..
His eyes were loving and hungry and his hard tip was close now. She looked a it, mesmerized. She was bringing him to her they were moving into each other. "Please" he whispered, "you're so beautiful" and she felt the words in her stomach, a warm, tightening feeling. And as she watched, she pulled him closer to her belly button.
She wanted him in her, all of him she wanted to take him all in. They waited so long to meet, to talk to touch. She wanted his desire wanted to take all his hardness and need. She grabbed him, he was so hard, god, he was hard, ready to explode and guided him to her navel; stretched open, vulnerable, waiting for him. His eyes looked at her belly as she eased his shaft and head over her navel, his big head covered her belly button and she wanted it, badly, but wanted to tease herself, him, them. She rubbed him over her belly button across it, around the sides and she felt his moistness, he was so ready for her. As his big head slid over her belly hole her belly button seemed to scream for him. She wanted him in her navel, her navel felt empty, needed penetration but she held him just outside to build the pleasure for them.
He couldn't wait. He plunged his shaft into her belly button. He was moist and his skin impossibly soft, and so hard and big. He stretched her navel walls as he drove into her. He pulled out and she moaned, "noo" and he jammed it in again and out and in and she wrapped her hand around him and pulled him into her. Now both of them pushing, driving his shaft deep into her belly button. She jerked, him stroked him and she felt him swelling in her and felt his head hit the inner folds deep in her belly button, the most sensitive tissue and nerves. Small electric pulses jumped down between her legs to her moist pink lips and pearl of her **** and spread up her spine. He slammed into her, powerful and insistent. Rammed against her little belly knot, gorgeous pleasure in her, almost pain. He stuck her again then again, so hard her breath rushed out. Electric shock flew from her navel and up her back and her into her hips. Then she was thrusting, her hips near spasm, her belly twitching, undulating against him.
She was an observer as her belly jutted on its own up into his shaft. She wanted him deeper and she sat up and her belly muscles pulled him in, her belly button closed around him and he rammed her and her belly button sucked him in. She looked at his shaft as it drove deep into her belly and loved it, loved the sight of him into her. She was almost gone, all instincts now. She jerked him and pushed and pulled and withdrew him and they and drove it in very fast, deep, her breath came out "off, ooh" as he hit her belly knot. And again, harder, almost fierce, he slammed into her. It seemed to pierce to her backbone, took her breath away. He withdrew and she grabbed him and the rammed her again and again until she was gasping for air. And they pierced her navel again. Her hand was ******* on his shaft now, fast and hard and he pumped her deep, spread her navel out, touched every nerve, pumped into her.
She looked along his strong body and saw his stretched belly button and knew what he needed. She was close, so close to coming, electric pulses in her pink lips, her wonderful pink perl, her navel on the edge of climax. She was... "uff," she moaned as he hit her right in the navel again, very hard and her breath streamed out. "Oooh goood" she whispered to him. She didn't think anymore. She pumped and twitched, grabbing and clawing and near spasms. She didn't know how deep he was only felt that it was deep and she wanted it deeper. And hard, another hit another deep hard thrust, losing her breath, and she looked at them, her lovely curves with his shaft impaled in her belly button or growing out of her, hers her own.
"Oooh god" he said as he drove deeper. He looked into her eyes almost a pleading look and she rammed her finger into his belly button. She pushed it in deep. His belly twitched and his eyes half closed, dreamy, ecstatic, a kind of trance. She felt his navel, complex little folds, deep. And there, yes, there, she pushed hard, harder than she'd ever done and felt his belly knot like a little **** and jabbed it, scraped it with her fingernail and his belly twitched and he buried his shaft deeper into her. He whispered, "goood yes godgod yess" while his hips thrust out of control, fast powerful, piercing her belly button harder, more, deeper more. "Ugh oo" her breath pushed out of her from his penetrating ****.
She looked down at them. He'd impaled her. Her breath was short. She could lie back helpless, pinned, penetrated deep and ride it, ride him as her pink lips spread and glowing electric pleasure surges up her **** and her belly button filled with golden light; flooding out of her belly button through her body. She was going to come. She could lie back and... He looked down and she grabbed his **** tighter and pulled him in, stoked him fast, he was hard, full throbbing and almost trembling with need for her. She dug her finger into his navel wild, hard. He needed to shoot himself into her. She dug her finger deeper into his navel, "yesss" he said almost painful, but sweet and pleading. And she dug harder, harder her nail scratching and scraping deep into his belly knot. Then faster on his stiff shaft and he rammed her and rammed deeper and they looked into each other's eyes as their hands and hips and bellies twitch and thrashed. One body now screaming, sweating, moving to their peak and she let go. Her ****** sent her finger deep into his navel and his **** penetrated her deeper, pinned her rammed her navel. She lost her breath as she screamed out and still screamed "goggodgoggoooog fuc mefuc mybellybutton fuc it fucitfucit belly button".
He shot warm white cream into her. She felt it pulse into her belly button and she came and came and twisted and screamed and his cream squirted out of her navel, over her belly, down her smooth pretty tummy onto her downy hair. He gave her all he had inside and it kept flowing up her chest down her sides as she jerked his **** crazily and he fuced her belly button and he screamed "god bellybelly fucfuc yourbellybutton so good." As her spasms receded to small pulses she said, "fuc sogood. Oh, so good."
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hey.yea.... very sensual one...loved this feel in my navel.......

am new here peeps, have a major navel fetish

Beautiful erotic thoughts. Hope you write more. And yes, my tongue is your belly button would be heavenly.

Beautiful erotic thoughts. Hope you write more. And yes, my tongue is your belly button would be heavenly.

Hey there, Sacron!!<br />
<br />
I finally got a chance to read your story to it's entirety!! To think, that people enjoy belly button *******!.... I wondered, however, why the "people" in your story don't do belly button tonguing...It's just fingering? Now, I'd like to have my button fingered but a finger poking and stabbing into it?? Ouch! That would be painful. What I'd like (and what I'm going to write about) is having a tongue plunging into my belly button and thrusting into my belly a **** thrusting deep inside a *****...I think I'd get an incredible ****** from having my belly button tongue ******....<br />
<br />
And ya know what I consider "double penetration" Not the typical 2 holes to get "stuffed" (***** and *******).... My ecstasy is having a tongue pluging into my belly button while a finger strokes my **** and plunges deep inside my *****........

what the.... I don't even....