Belly Button Fetish

I am absolutely mad about my belly button. I adore the feeling all over my body when I play with it and finger it. I have a shallow innie that I am obsessed with. Sometimes I just can't wait to be alone so I can touch and tease it. It turns me on like nothing else, especially when someone else plays with it. I wish I could play with someone else's belly button that would enjoy it as much as I do. It drives me totally wild when I see someone's belly button for the first time.
MysteriousMysteries MysteriousMysteries 22-25, F 15 Responses Nov 8, 2010

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any belly punching fetish likes here

you could play with my bellybutton anytime!

Shame your not in UK, would love mutual play and poking!

I contemplate my bellybutton 24/7 i cant wait to play with my bellybutton or have someone else play with it . I would enjoy playing with other navels as well male or female. When i see an exposed bellybutton i want to play with it and put my tongue in there deep and clean out the dirt and lint inside of it.

Mmmmm sexy innie. Shall we chat?

i would love you to play with my navel, mine is an outie and longing for your attention

so nice of you for the urge within you

I would love to play with ur belly button

hi i have posted a story on i have an innie belly button page. tell me are you still a belly button virgin, or have you gone through the middle like i did,it is a fantastic feeling,it turns me on thinking about it.

WOW!!! you sound so sensuous Yes yes yes I would just to let you have your way with my navel and see just how turned on I get as you have your way with my navel as I turn you on with yours.

hi there, i would love to give your sexy navel hours of tongue pleasure. x

sexy belly buttons? You guys need to join the bellyfetishtube d0t c0m and add your favorite photos!

You're a dream woman, spider. I'd love to share navel pleasure with women. But so few are sensitive in their lovely belly buttons. Take it or leave it.

It's frustrating, a bit sad, actually.

So, I know how you feel.

You, by the way, sound sensuous and exciting.

actually everyone is its a fact. look it up on google.

pls hun send me a picture of it

hello spiderprincess if you are ever in the new york area i wouldn't mind playing with that shallow innie of yours ;-p i looooooveeee playing with girls sexy belly buttons ...hit me up anytime with a message i have played with so many different kinds of innies think about in the 20 range ...from shallow to deep to smooth to meaty little wrinkles inside lol