All Up In That Thang!

So far I have refrained from posting anything sensual on EP, but this I gotta contribute to, because messing with tummies isn't so explicit, right? I love tummies in general, but the belly button is of course the center of attention, the main event, topping the bill, what have you. I like to push my face into a tummy until I can fell it begin to wrap around my cheeks, and I take a deep breath and sniff in the scent of her skin, and then I begin to tickle the belly button with my fingers and nose and then my tongue. I can spend some serious time going down on a girl's navel, and it's great because like I said before, it's comparatively chaste. Of course, the navel is a great layover stop on the way to bigger and better things, but I'm trying to keep it clean here. Ticklish ladies beware: I will snuffle your tummy, and it will tickle. A lot. But you can't stop me because I'm stronger than you and you'll be laughing too hard. So ha!
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 14, 2011

Actually, messing with tummies is very explicit. There are any number of R-rated movies that feature bare breasts accompanied with plenty of fondling and sucking. And yet.....have you seen even one movie where a finger goes into a belly button? As far as licking and kissing the navel, I can only think of two or three movies where that has occurred. The film industry is in serious denial when it comes to belly buttons. Is it because they're just not sexy enough? I don't think so.