Completely Unprofessional

I'm a ********, so I get a lot of men laying their hands on my belly, and normally I can keep a straight face, mainly because I am strictly business and am able to shut off all sexual impulse in the work place. This particular evening, I began my shift wearing a corset that covered my belly almost completely with a low riding g-string so that the very lowest portion of my belly and my hip bones showed. The zipper on the back of my corset kept slipping down a few inches, so my boss tried to help me zip it up and broke the zipper clean off. I quickly retired to the dressing room to peel the corset off since I could not unzip it any longer... no easy task.

I began digging through my bag and pulled out my neon pink bikini top and tied it on and adjusted my breasts. I emerged from the dressing room totally bare bellied. I struck up a conversation with an older gentleman, but couldn't hepl but notice a handsome young stranger eyeing me from the end of the bar. I tried to ignore him and concentrate of my prospect. The older gentleman turned out to be a dud, so I began my walk to the ladies room to wash my hands, but I would have to pass the young man in my path. He caught my attention by placing his hand on my bare back and sliding it around to my side to hold on to me. Young men are noutrorious for not having much money, but I was polite and we started talking. I could stop thinking: professionalism.However, I had this very cute, very attractive young man with great teeth as a customer. We hung out and he bought me a drink and bought a lap dance from me.

We then sat in a booth and I sat on his lap and laid back on his shoulder. He placed a hand on my stretched out belly and wrapped his arms around me as we conversed about this and that. He unwrapped his arms and straggled to look over my shoulder down my chest. He started running just one finger over my belly and his finger slipped into my exposed belly button. I let out a squeak and manically brushed his hand away and put my hand over my belly button. Mind you, I let this man grope, poke and prod me all night, but the moment he touched my belly button, I melted. He coyly whisped, " looks like I found somebody's tickle spot". I brushed off my belly and took my hands down and informed him that it's the only one I have... only it didn't tickle... it made me hopelessly aroused.

He once again began to explore my belly lightly with one finger, starting with my rib cage, down my sternum, my sides and just under the line of my g-string avoiding my belly button. Nothing, though it felt nice. He traced his finger back to my belly button and ran his finger around the rim and I am compelled to lift my legs off the floor and pretend to laugh, although what is really happening is that I am getting totally wet. He loved making me squeak and told me how cute it was, so he kept toying with my belly button until last call. I couldn't help but let him.
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I too love a beautiful sexy woman's belly button to enjoy playing with and looking at!

ohh god I luve it when you get all aroused and wet, helps everyone melt away in passion.... I could tell you some stories about a girl at the nude bar, back in another state, she probably was in the wrong profession since she got so excited when lapdancing, she was a college student... I enjoyed the way she started the first time she lapdanced me... all straight faced and cold, started conversations, then smiling and getting warmer, then dancing for me, then getting totally into it and sooo wet... I would tell you some of those sexy stories with her... awwww I enjoyes yours

would love to play with your bellybutton like that!

You should have got his number. I bet he would have been great in the sack

I have had lots of lap dances. The girls were totally nude and I could put my hands any where and rub, except their pu--y.<br />
Never found one that wanted their belly button touched?

Well then, I would be one of those men who would finger your bellybutton the enitre time you danced.

wow that was a pretty hot story..

are you a ******** what ***** club do you work at and where can i finger your bellybutton how come you are the ******** and i am the customer i will pay you 20 good dollars just to finger your bellybutton okay and how come i am the customer you gotta give the customers what they want thats why they pay you .

I've read stories like this told from the customers perspective before but this is the first one I've heard from the dancer's perspective. Thank you for sharing this story.

Hi there, i know what you mean, it was a finger in my belly button that really started me off, (read my belly button stories) and boy am i glad it did. i also do not think mens belly buttons have the same appeal as womens do, and men are not as turned on, if you try to do stuff to there belly buttons.

You're fun, flirty, sexy and erotic. ****, what a babe.

So from what you say in your story If I was to come to your club and when you came over to me I suddenly suck your navel inside out in to my moth and went to work on it with my tong, you would not be able to stop your self from having a ****** in a few seconds or stop me from giving you more and more? If this is so can you tell me what club you are in so I can come over?? :-))<br />
<br />
well I know you will not but it was nice to try and I hope you like this it was just for fun. :-))

I actually have never had a customer finger my belly button before him. It was kind of a "lucky" shot lol. It's probably best for me that most customers don't finger my belly button because it just turns me on far too much. Might impede my ability to do my job.

Another winner.<br />
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Is it unusual for customers to finger your belly button?