Beetle In Her Deep Navel

Once I went to a big garden with my girl-friend. She was very attractive and had a white complexion and proportionate figure.At my request she was wearing a black silk saree with black blouse. The choli was short and saree was draped in a sexy way well below her navel (about 3"-4" below navel).Her waist was very slim and belly flat but the oval navel was smooth and extra deep. We talked and walked. I gave her ice-cream and we sat beside a tree and ate the ice-cream. It was a summer noon holiday and after sometime my girlfriend took rest by lying on her back on grass. We talked in that way and she was looking at the sky and birds on trees and sky. Suddenly I saw a beetle was creeping on to her saree from the ground below but she was totally unmindful of this. Gradually the beetle crawled on to her belly and she was aware of it. She tried to throw the beetle away but I stopped her in doing so.She was astonished but obeyed me. The beetle gradually moved all over her flat white belly and ultimately found its destination----the great deep hole just in the middle of her belly---her cute sexy and extra deep navel. Once it felt the hole of her navel with its antenna and claws it tried to insert or slid itself inside the pit but it was difficult for the insect as it was a little oversize. But after vigorous trying it went in and suddenly disappeared inside her navel-hole. Nothing was visible but only the muscles around her navel was moving just like a bellydancer's navel and belly does. She was terrified and cursed me for this but I consoled her. She told me that the beetle found the deepest central point or fold in her navel bottom and now scratching and digging it violently. I asked her how does she feel. She said that she is getting extreme pain at that point and also getting extreme heavenly pleasure. She agreed to let it be that way and it was impossible to extricate that insect without hurting her at that stage as it was in violent digging motion. So we both let it there(in the depth of her navel) and enjoyed the situation. Gradually my girlfriend was so excited that she thanked me for the episode. She never experienced before such heavenly feeling in her life. Now the pain was less and enjoyment was more----------she want that for indefinite time-----DEV
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I have tried and found this awesome.

It was a nice experience. I do have the same experience with beetles and other insects.

That was a real and awesome story Dev

i love this story dear..... wud always want something like this....

i think its not girl will allow this... this story for real?? or is it ur creation???


creepy... :/

Hi Dev, is it a real experience or just your imagination? You allowed her to suffer this way? Was it right for you? Have you ever pondered about this later in a peaceful mind? You may have fetish but I think this is not the way you should treat your girlfriend. Do anything with her consent only. Please don't mind about my outburst, as I consider you as my good friend.

that's a dream come true for me, what kind of beetle was it?

that's a dream come true for me, what kind of beetle was it?

How long did it stay in her navel and how did you eventually remove it?

put icecubes on navel hole..and feel ur girl friends reaction until it melts in hr navel..pour honey icecream and lick it


ohh...wud u like to throw that beetle inside deep sexy navel.....