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Indian Girl Navel Torture Till Blood Coming

This is the story about a girl who loves to poke her navel untill blood comes. she has a very slim and tonned body and have a very deep navel .she wanted that some body poke her navel. one day in the morning she went for jogging as a daily routine. she saw a boy with muscled body. she attracted by him and gave him address of her own home by talking to him about navel fetish. boy agreed with her and reached her home in the night.
Boy rings her doorbell and girl open that. boy comes into the room and saw the girl. the girl wearing transparent black color saree showig her navel and boobs. girl said "Are you ready to poke my navel ". boy replied " Yes, I get eager". The girl lie down onto the bed and puts her hands behind her head. boy removed her saree from the belly and and puts his hand on that .The girl's belly now goes down and boy put his finger into her navel. He starting fingering her navel and go deep into the navel. the girl enjoying and said " please go hard l want hardness". the boy fingering her navel very hard and then poking her navel. he poked hard and the girl moaning in slow voice " aaaaahhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh .mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........aaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhhh.
Now boy removed his finger and wen into the store room and bring a toolbox. he take a screwdriver and stab hardly in to the navel. the girl's eyes opened widely and shouted loudly "aaaaaahhhhhhh ", and said " please dear, poke it hard but slow slow". the boy twisting the her navel and girl moaning in pain.......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....aaaaaaahhhh... ..aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh...After then boy remove screw driver and take a 3 inch screw and a hammer . he placed the thin screw vertically in the navel and hammering slow slow. every attacking by hammer, girl shouted loudly "aahaahaaaaaahhhhhha..........aaahhhhh...........ahhhhhha.aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh". the boy hammering contineuing about 2 min. the girl said " pleassssssse.............aaahhhh..... hammering quikkkk..... i cannot bear this pain more......please insert the screw in my navel........aaahhhh.....aaaaahhhhhhhhh" the screw was inserted in her navel. the tear in the eyes comes.......... she was crying in pain but enjoying also.
Now the screw is has been gone deeply into her navel. Now the boy pulling out the screw from her navel. The pain become heavier when pulling the screw and girl shouting hard with pain. When the screw pulled out, the blood coming out from her navel. She saw her navel with blood coming out. She said “ dear , poke my navel very hard till blood pour down”. Boy take screw driver and stab into navel up and down. Girl crying in pain ………….aaaaaahhhhhhh ………….aaaaaaahhhhh ……aaaaaahhhhhhhh……
The blood coming out continuously. Girl breathing deeply and her body shivering but enjoying feeling like in heaven. Boy then cleaning her navel with tissue paper and went into the bathroom and bring an acid bottle named HCL acid , a strong acid. He takes some acid in a small cap and take acid in a dropper. Then he pour some acid into her navel. The acid starts burning her internal navel skin. Girl shoute loudly with unbearable pain……..aaaaaahhhhhhh …..omg…….my navel ………aaaaaaahhhhh …….no ….no plz no …..aaaaaahhhhhhhh….. my navel is burning……………aaaahhhhh. But boy has ignored her voice and fill the navel with the acid. The navel is burning and girl feels in pleasure. The acid burn her deep navel skin about 5 min…….then boy cleaned her navel carefully….. girl enjoying and feel pleasure. The navel becomes dark due to burning and look like a black hole.
And the last but not least, the climax is waiting, boy takes power drill machine from tool box. Plug the wire in the socket board and switch on the button. The tip of the machine start rotating and boy placed the it into her navel and start drilling. In starting girl does not get any pain but when machine go deep in the navel, pain increases. Girl moaning in pain……………..aaaaaahhhhhhh …….harder……… go hard….aaaahhhhh ……… penetrate my navellll…….aahhh……….aaaaaaahhhhh……….hard…hard….go……hard aaaaaahhhhhhhh…… the boy drilled her navel…… touches her navel bottom and makes another hole into her navel. Her navel become red and when he removed the drilling machine blood coming out fast and poured in the bed.girl screaming loudly and feel pleasure
In the last he cover up all they have done. Girl’s navel is paining and become swallow. In the last girl said “I feel much pleasure never in my life anytime”…….when l call u come into my home………OK.
Boy replied ”okkkkk”.
The end

Any girl who wanted to poke her navel by any boy call me in this no:


kriptonism kriptonism 22-25, M 7 Responses Jan 5, 2012

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Plz Do this to me.

so good story this, i glad to help any here how for real want to try this in real, email meand we can talk about it.


please do this to me. i want it bad.

okkk i am ready

Do you like the navel torture them until the bleeding blood<br />
I loved your story a lot

I loved this story many<br />
But I want I ask you a question how, if the blood came out from the navel you can do to stop him leaving damage<br />
I hope that as quickly as Tgippini

This story lacks the sensitivity, more like a boy's rage on the belly buttons so you want to devastate it, i enjoy games , cruelity is good upto an extent but your story is just so whimscal, its not something I'd like to imagine.

it not is enjoyable

Agreed. Adolescent aggression.
Slow, tender teasing, the build-up of passion and heat. Listening to her breathing. Giving her everything she wants, a bit more. So much better.

Totally agrees with sacron11, it's brutal and barbaric, i don't see the pleasure part, it's missing somewhere else, a slow tender building of passion really counts, here it's some foolish rage. lol

I hear you, babe. Unpleasant, juvenile, no regard for women.


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the way they talk is stupid!!

no dear............. they talk in excitment