Favourite Female Bellybutton Types

Which type of belly button do I find the sexiest? It'd be easier to list the types I find least sexy.

Out of the three main categories,( innie, outie and in-betweenie), I find them all equally sexy. But if you break them down, I'd have list the sub categories. (I just love talking/writing about female belly buttons!)

Outie. There's the swirly outie, the ball-in-a-socket outie and other various miscellaneous outies. I find them all equally sexy. I love complex belly buttons with plenty of navel flesh.

In-Betweenie. Well, basically navel flesh with bumps and creases, flush with the belly surface. Extremely sexy!

Innie. Now there are many types on innie belly button. Deep round innie, shallow round innie both of which can have a sexy fold of skin top or bottom. Then there are the deep or shallow oval innies, again with or without the top or bottom skin fold. There is the "T" shape innie, the "Y" shape innie and the "Umbrella" innie which consists of a vertical slit with a skin fold at the top making it look like an umbrella. There is the vertical slit without the skin fold and the "Coffee Bean" belly button. I've also seen triangular belly buttons where the top skin fold forms on of the sides of the triangle. There's so many types of innie I may have missed one or two.

But for the original question, the ones I find the sexiest; all types of outie and in-betweenie and the shallow round or oval belly button with the skin fold at the top. I love to see feel and taste the navel flesh and the more complicated they are the better. The least sexiest for me is the vertical slit type....sorry, but I just find them to be a little bit boring, (No offence).
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I love outie belly buttons sooo much!!

Im an outie lover.

I like them too, very sexy!

I think my pic shows it, it's an round innie with creases that form and upside down peace sign.

I love it! I also love your tattoo. I don't normally go for tattoos, except for belly button ones and your's is great because in your ID photo, with your navel shape, it looks a bit like a dog's face (and I love dogs, too!). Yeah, your belly button is both unusual and very sexy!


My belly button is round innie, neither shallow nor deep but opened up just enough to show all the details within. The folds and crevices inside my navel form a star.

their are to many shapes, maybe if eatch photo is posted with a name desc<x>ription, people can keep track of all the differnt types of navels.

Since you are talking shapes, me and a couple of folks over the years have come up with a classifications system for the shape of bellybuttons:<br />
<br />
Stretch - ()<br />
Round - O<br />
Oval - 0<br />
v - V<br />
I shaped - I<br />
T shaped - T<br />
Horizontal - this is typically a large hood or lip that make the bellybutton appear to be a horizontal slit<br />
<br />
Star: an inbetweenie typically oval or round shaped. I have seen some v shaped stars also. I call it this because the bottom of it typically has a star type pattern.<br />
<br />
Now on your question, I tend to like the stars. No matter they shape I think they are sexy and nice to kiss and lick.