Belly Button Tickle Torture

Sarah ran throughCandy's backyard, desperately trying to get away. Two other girls in her neighborhood, Trish and Candy were after her for spreading nasty rumors about them even though she never did. Sarah wasn't fast enough though. Trish tackled her to the ground and Candy looked around.
"Hold her here, Trish." She walked into her house and came out minutes later with rope.
"Take her into the shed." Candy ordered. Trish wrestled poor Sarah into the shed.
Candy cleared her dad's working table and they lifted the shaking Sarah on top of it. Candy tied tight knots on her wrists and ankles and connected them to the table legs.
"I didn't spread the rumors, I swear!" Sarah exclaimed. She was shivering, scared of what they would do.
"Yes you did." Trish said. "We know it."
Sarah held tears in. She couldn't look weak.
"What's a good torture?" Trish asked.
"Hm..." Candy thought. Then her eyes lit up. "How ticklish are you?"
Sarah knew how extremely ticklish she was. "Not much." She knew she had always been a horrible liar.
An evil grin spread across Trish's face. "Then you won't mind this." She said, squeezing Sarah's side. Sarah couldn't help but squeal.
"Look's like we're admist a liar." Candy said. "That calls for extra troture."
"No, please! I'm sorry!" She pleaded desperately.
"Oh well." Candy shrugged and slowly lifted Sarah's shirt.
Sarah whimpered and begged but Candy and Trish didn't care.
Candy revealed a pale white stomach and nice inbetweeenie belly button.
Candy lights stroked Sarah's stomach, making her giggle. Candy began squeezing her sides, enjoying every bit of it.
"PLEASE STOHAHAHAP!!!!!" Sarah begged, bucking her stomach in the air again and again
"Let's have some fun." Candy grabbed some boards and slid them underneath Sarah's belly.
Sarah's belly was up in the aiir, strechted out and making her belly button poke out a little more.
Trish and Candy smiled at each other.
"Let's see." Candy stepped towards Sarah. She poked Sarah's belly button and Sarah laughed harder Candy smiled and played with Sarah's knot, making Sarah go wild.
"PLEASE NOAHAHAHAT THERAHHAHAE!!!!!!!!!!!!" she begged. Candy ignored her pleads and dug deeper into her belly button making the torture for Sarah worse. Candy was enjoying herself. She loved Sarah's cute little navel all exposed and she was soooo helpless and Candy could torture her all she wanted and as long as she wanted. Sarah was sweating and begging. Eventually she couldn't make noises and laughed silently, her belly shaking.
Candy loved this all. She wanted to just torture the little knot all day long, and pull at it. She did so, she pulled at Sarah's belly button and it was turning bright red. Candy pushed the knot in extremely deep. Eventually she began licking the navel, tounging the little knot and making Sarah scream and scream.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She yelled.
Eventually, Candy and Trish let Sarah go and she botled fot her house. Candy and Trish slapped high fives.
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OMG I would just die... Sounds like torture to me! my girlfriend always tries to tell me my belly Burton's dirty and I literally clean it everyday cause that gross belly button lint is disgusting! so everyday she says it's dirty when it's not and use a q-tip to "pretend" clean it! I was nuts!
- Landon <3

This is something I have read before in some forum. Well loved ur work, I wish the belly button play was tad elaborate this time..