i can still remember one of my school's overnight camp. I am 16 this year and i have a belly button fetish. I remembered sitting on the table in the classroom, which was to be the room we are camping in, with my friend. Se is quite slim and at that time, she was wearing a short skirt and a T-shirt. It was not long after we talked that she lied down on the table, showing her stretched belly button. I stared at it for a moment before looking around for anyone looking in our direction. Seeing that everyone was busy doing their own things, i decided to play with her. While she want looking, i swiftly went and poke my finger into her belly button, then act like i didn't do it. But of course, even a fool would know it was me. She just gave me a stare before smiling at me. To my surprise, she actually slide her hand down to her belly button and started placing her hand into it. I just watched and pretended that i wasn't boarded by it. I decided to cook up something, i looked into her belly button and lied to her that there something in it. I then put my finger in there and stared around, pretending to be taking out a dirt. I enjoyed that few moments of my finger in her belly button. That was one of the interesting camps i had :)
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Nice story!

hot story! ;)