Yvonne’s parents went to overseas for two months in order to expand their family business. This is the golden time for her to realize her navel torturing fantasy. Soon after her parents’ call to inform their arrival to the overseas, she quickly calls her lover to come to her house for her navel torturing plan. She is very lucky to have a boyfriend who loves the bleed of the women’s navel. Worst, he dreams to see the woman that is weak and unable to move her own hand to stop her navel torturing.
                Poor Yvonne, she doesn’t know what is worst in her lover’s fantasy. Such doll-faced teenager should have not met the cruel boyfriend. Later, her boyfriend comes with an impact drill, which the drill bit have been replace with a sharpened wooden stick. Yvonne invites him to her room with suspicious on how her boyfriend will have her to ****** with such thing.
                “Tie me with my own clothes and pretend that you’re going to rape my navel” plead Yvonne to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend becomes more excited to fulfill his own fantasy and quickly unclothed Yvonne like a criminal and tying her with her hand and feet on her back. Yvonne didn’t argue with her boyfriend as she has dreamed her navel to be raped for a long time. However, suddenly her boyfriend takes out a knife.
                “What are you doing? I thought we’re just going to play...I taught you love me” Yvonne asked frighteningly. Her boyfriend didn’t answered and continues to cut her inner clothes. Finally, the doll-faced teenager is naked in front of her cruel boyfriend. Yvonne can only watched her boyfriend cut her clothes with tears in her eyes. She didn’t dare to shout because she feared the knife will cut her navel into two if she does so.
                “A doll-faced girlfriend with a hot’s body. Nearly perfect because only lack in behavior and sex interest.” Her boyfriend starts to talk. Yvonne stays quietly and frighteningly. Her boyfriend continues to play the knife on her stomach. Her stomach shows her quick breath especially when the knife passes her navel. Sometimes, the tip of the knife touch her navel which is quickly moves as she breathes frighteningly.
Finally, the knife play is at her navel only. Yvonne can feel the sharp of the knife which circling around her navel. Her boyfriend still playing with the knife even tough Yvonne seems hurts by the tip of the knife. Her boyfriend then kiss her mouth while his hand still playing with the knife at her navel. What a dangerous play. Any mistake happen can make her navel being stabbed.
While kissing, her boyfriend switching the knife with the wooden stick and insert it hardly to her navel. Yvonne seems really shock as she taught her boyfriend is really stabbing her navel with the knife but still fulfilling her boyfriend kissing. As they stop kissing, she says to her boyfriend, “despite you’re killing me, I wanted you to know that I’m really loves you. I didn’t regret dying by your hand.” Yvonne speak hardly because of the sharp wooden stick that is hardly press to her navel and she seems didn’t noticed the truth yet.
Her boyfriend sit and installing the impact to the wooden stick that is stuck at her navel. Yvonne surprised that the wooden stick is inside her navel instead of the knife. “You are a naughty boyfriend.” Yvonne smiled childishly to her boyfriend. “Do you think I wanted to lose an angel like you?” Her boyfriend answered. “Now, prove your word to me” Asked her boyfriend. “Go on as your pleasure. My navel is yours to treat. I don’t care anymore about it. I’m ready to die if you pleased with my navel to destroy” Yvonne answered happily. Her boyfriend is then seems influenced by her word.
He switched on the impact and holds it for a long time. Yvonne feels the pleasure and pain to her navel. As time passed, her pleasure and pain reaches to her maximum. Her ***** becomes wet as well as her wept makes her body seems shining because of the maximum pain and pleasure. She was unable to control her own saliva because of the pleasure. Unfortunately, her stomach juice comes to join her saliva from her mouth. That’s means that her body unable to bear the pain anymore.
“I…….it….honey….but……my…..body….can’t…hold…it” Plead Yvonne to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend, then, switched off the impact. Yvonne seems tired and about to sleep. However, her boyfriend still not satisfied. He turns her body to face the ground so that her navel suffered her own weight. “As you wish” says Yvonne weakly as she still wanted to have the pleasure. “This is your next level to prove your word but it is not just this” Her boyfriend spoke unsatisfying.
“I do. As long as you are satisfied, I will satisfy. As I prove it to you, please be with me forever” Yvonne tried to satisfy her lover. Her boyfriend quickly pulls her body backward so that her stomach is tight enough. Now, the breath by Yvonne can told anybody how hard is the pain that she felt on her navel. Poor Yvonne, it stills not enough. Her boyfriend then sits on her. Her soft navel starts to bleed. Her eyes seem like a ball and her mouth open largely because of the pain. Her boyfriend can see her body respond through the mirror in front of them. Of course the doll-faced seems cuter with the large opening eyes.
After a while, her eyes seem widen and her mouth still open weakly. Yvonne has lost a lot of energy. “This is just the beginning of this step” Her boyfriend still wanting more. “Love you” Yvonne answered weakly. She cannot bear the outstanding pain and pleasure but she still wanted to serve her navel for her lover. Her boyfriend switched on the impact once again. Now, Yvonne suffers the weight of the tough man and the push up and down from the impact to her soft navel. Her cruel boyfriend treats her like a horse to ride. Yvonne eyes roll back and her stomach juice come out from her mouth become more often.
Finally, Yvonne become unconscious but not for long. Her boyfriend later wakes her up with the water. Her eyes widely opened. Tears flow from her eyes as she couldn’t stand the insane torturing to her navel. Sometimes she plead to her boyfriend to just kill her instead of torturing her navel slowly until she’s dead but there is no response from her boyfriend. After continuously become unconscious and waked up for several times, Yvonne seems like nearly meets her end. She sounds like an animal being slaughter. Her boyfriend stops torturing her with the impact and his own weight.
Her body seems a bit relieved from the insane torturing. “Now, release yourself. I give you half hour to untie the rope by yourself and relieve your navel from your own weight.” Says her boyfriend cruelly. He knows that she could never able to untie the rope by herself. It is deadly tie up. Even she moves her fingers, she cannot touch the rope. Poor Yvonne, she is played by her boyfriend. Her finger struggles to find the rope to untie it. The time is up. Her boyfriend restarts his torturing method. He sits on her, restart the impact and pulls her body to tighten her stomach. He continuously his torturing until Yvonne once again sounds like animal being slaughtered. But it still his order to her for untying the rope by herself or else.
What a heartless boyfriend….He treats Yvonne like a horse from days to days. Torturing only reduce when he is going to sleep and to feed his girlfriend. The torturing last 3 weeks later because Yvonne’s parents suddenly return to home. They were worried because their daughter didn’t answer their phone call for several times. Luck was for Yvonne’s heartless boyfriend because he was going out to buy food to feed her. Her parents was really shocked when founds that she was nakedly suffering her own weight and the impact was still switch on to add torturing to her soft navel.
Her bedroom surrounding shows that she is raped at the navel by force. Her parents quickly call the ambulance and the police for help. They only switched off the impact and free her from the rope and her own weight. However, she still suffering the weight of the impact to her navel because they were afraid it may harm her if they take out the impact with the wooden stick which is stabbing her navel. Both ambulance and policeman comes a moment later. The medics brought her to the hospital for treatment. While the policeman calls her boyfriend for investigation but her boyfriend pretends that he taught his girlfriend went to the oversea with her parents.
The policeman is still unsatisfied because there is not even an evidence to find out who is her torturer because it was planned carefully and perfectly with Yvonne and her boyfriend.  There is only the evidence that her navel is being raped by someone because there is no way Yvonne can tie her own hand and feet to her back where according to her parents, it is confidently that her finger cannot even touch the rope by such tied. Therefore, someone must have come to tie the rope and set her to the torturing condition. The policeman can only suspect her parents and her boyfriend to do such cruel thing.
As soon as Yvonne wakes up at the hospital, she founds that there was her boyfriend, her parents and the policeman at the room. She quickly hugs her boyfriend and her parents and crying. Thus, the policeman sees that there are no way her parents and her boyfriend as the suspect because of the spontaneous action by Yvonne that she is in trauma. In fact, she is hugs her boyfriend because she is afraid that they might be separated by her parents if their activity being caught by her parents. Furthermore, it was her own idea to realize her fantasy with her boyfriend while her parents are away but she didn’t expected her boyfriend to do such insane thing to her navel because she has told her boyfriend to make her navel suffering her own weight by force for about two months and she allows her boyfriend to make a surprise as her loving gift.
Poor Yvonne, she doesn’t know that is actually her boyfriend wants to fulfill his own fantasy. Her own suggestion to torture her own navel is a surprise gift to her boyfriend. She hugs her parents because she taught that she would have died by the pain and would not able to see her parents for the last time. As the policeman is confused, he asked Yvonne to find out to do such cruel thing to her. However, she told the police that there is a masked man with a knife comes to rape her navel and she cannot acknowledge who is the heartless person that is raping her navel cruelly. She gives false information about the masked man description to save her boyfriend. Two days later, her boyfriend comes to the hospital to propose her. Poor Yvonne become excitedly, she didn’t know that actually her boyfriend proposed her as his wife so that he can fulfill his fantasy every day without any disturbance. 
“I will agree to be your wife if you promise to make me your doll to being tortured at the navel so that I can have my pleasure every day” says Yvonne childishly. “It a pleasure for me too, honeys. I will have your navel to feel the pleasure until the end of your life.” Her boyfriend answered excitingly. “You, naughty boyfriend, it sounds like forever. You will be caught for torturing your wife if my parents find out that I’m like that again.” Says Yvonne childishly while inserting the rose to her navel and plays it inside it. “Don’t worry, dear. We will live outside the country. As long as you didn’t inform your parents where we go after this, you can have the pleasure for the rest of your life.” Plead her boyfriend. “Interesting but didn’t you give me any chance to treat you as your wife? Anyway, I am your doll later then. Do as you pleased. To cook, sex, to be your victim, it’s all yours but remember, navel victim only” She answered. As she agrees, her boyfriend kisses her navel.
Yvonne doesn’t know that she would be killed by her heartless boyfriend through her navel fantasy, slowly and heartlessly. She is just another victim by his boyfriend. His last victim is also trapped by her own love where she is willingly to suffer insane and cruel lengthy torturing until the end of her life that is about one year of non-stop navel torturing. Who is his next victim after Yvonne?
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