Her Belly

She is a close friend of mine, and her best guy friend. One day we were another friend and he mentioned his bellybutton. Then she said how deep hers was, so I asked her to show it. She was lying down but when I saw it I couldn't breathe. Her tummy was tan and her little bellybutton was in the middle of a perfect belly. Then a year later, I was resting my head on her stomach and I listened to it gurgle. Then I turned towards her midriff. I lifted her shirt a little above her navel and and took a thick grass and put it as deep as it could go. Then I looked closer and put my finger in her and moved around her soft gentle bellybutton. That is my story.
wahoo2 wahoo2 18-21, M 1 Response Jul 21, 2012

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The lack of description in this story makes it hard to imagine what is going on in it. That said it sounds like you had fun.