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Navel Lust

My wet tongue slipped into her belly button. She froze for a second, then a shimmy went through her belly. Her superb stomach muscles seemed isolated, they undulated in and out in waves, up and my tongue was deep in her slender navel, down and I almost lost contact. My tongue was wet, almost drooling with lust for her and I drove it deeper into her. Her belly twitched, she let out a soft, sensual moan and her belly button pushed against my stiff tongue. As she pushed, I penetrated her harder and deeper. Tongue ******* her belly button.

She seemed to explode with energy, channeled, maybe, from someplace ancient, some powerful force. She grabbed my head and pushed me harder into her navel. Her hips drove her **** into my belly button. Her belly stiffened against my tongue so when I hit her core, it was hard, all the way into her hidden, delicious, sexual belly knot, the deep apex of pleasure in her. And in me. Saliva leaked down my tongue into her belly button, wetting her, lubricating her. Her hips jutted forward, back, her tummy undulated fast, faster, the spit shimmered in her belly hole and I taste her skin feel her gorgeous belly knot, hear her moans and wanted to give her more and more,more to bring her pleasure, pleasure to her beautiful body or erotic belly button her driving ***** that was damp and trusting into my belly, driving pleasure jolts of energy up my spine, into my balls and **** so hard for her now. My hands grabbed her slender waist and pulled her belly closer to me, against my jabbing tongue, stabbing in and out, stretching her navel, licking her core, feeling, tasting every succulent ridge of skin and knot in her belly button.

Her hips shimmied and twitched, my tongue dug into her. We were ancient, heavy breath, moans, minds nearly gone, every sense alive. I looked up and her eyes were wide, glazed looking nowhere or somewhere far back in time, or somewhere inside, her lips parted, glistening, and her belly waves, incredible muscles, smooth skin, jutting, my tongue like a wet snake in her belly button, her ***** wet and hot banging my belly and her hip thrusts driving her soft flesh and erect **** into me.

She screamed. She twitched. I dug my tongue deep and hard. Her hips jerked in uncontrollable spasms and she was *******, twisting, shaking as she climaxed, climaxed *** like an animal as my tongue dug at her navel. And I was with her, hot cream shot out of me, poured out, almost forever, time doesn't matter, a load of *** for her and I felt the wetness of her ****** on my belly and the shivering of her through my tongue and chest. Screams, moans, collapse.

I managed to find the strength to slide over her sweat covered body and kiss her lips. "You're adorable," I said.

Sacron1111 Sacron1111 46-50, M 10 Responses Sep 14, 2012

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Simply Orgasmic !!!

lovely! So erotic :)

Thank you, you lovely woman.

Glad you liked it, Sexy.

a real turn on....loved it!!

Wow, pretty arousing!

Hey, thanks for the comment. Appreciated.


Thanks, Sarah. Glad you liked it.

very much :)

omg...I would love to lick your tight balls and penis..then have you *** right in to my sexy bellybutton! I am sooo wet right now...time for the pocket rocket on my wet ****! thank you!

You're very sweet. And very desirable.

So erotic! Good work!

Thanks very much.

Wow nice story
I woudy to ask you what alwys teast of navel can you tell me
and what it is the beast of navel teasty

Thanks for the comment.

That was fun.

One possible error I noticed. "the spit shimmered in her belly hole and I taste her skin feet[feel?] her gorgeous belly knot,"

Thanks for posting this Sacron.

Thanks for catching the typo. Appreciate your comment.

You are welcome. :)