Bellybutton Blunder!

When I was 16 there was this girl in my class at school who never left me alone! She was basically a bully and I was her main target just because I was shy.
One day in Biology she sat down beside me and i thought 'oh no! here we go' but she remained silent for a while and she appeared to be just listening to the teacher. After about 20 mins i relaxed. Then out of the corner of my eye i noticed her slide a piece of paper across the desk in my direction. Since 'passing notes' in class wasnt exactly uncommon i took the piece of paper and unfolded it gingerley.
'Back of the library at 4 o clock be there!' was what it said.
My blood ran cold and all i could think was 'shes gonna kill me'
When 4 o clock came i picked up my bag and headed toward home ignoring her instructions. then i spotted her coming towards me i began to shake.
she stood smiling at me and asked if we could go somewhere. Not understanding what she meant i just nodded and we began to walk toward the library.
Behind the tall grey building hidden from sight she pushed me up against the wall I froze unable to speak all i could do was brace myself for the beating i was full sure she would give me!
Instead she began kissing my neck. I felt dizzy as she slowly ran her hands up my school shirt. She said 'I saw your bellybutton when we were changing for P.E and i just couldnt wait to touch it' her hands slowly caressed my small outie navel 'can i use my mouth?' she asked as i stood pinned against the wall. It took me a few minutes to realise i liked the feeling of this girls toungue gliding up and down my small fleshy navel.
To this very day I think im still in shock about that incident though theres no denying that i did enjoy it in a helpless kind of way.
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such a sexy story!

If you'd like to have some fun flirty navel chat, I'd enjoy meeting you. Drop me a note?

The naval is the sexiest part of the body, just my opinion though, others won't agree.

Good story: sexy with a bit of drama. Your outie navel sounds very alluring.