Dirty Little Secret.............

I have been with my Boyfriend for over 2 years and I love him very much. He knows almost everything about me except for one thing and that is that I have a huge belly button fetish!
Iv had this fetish ever since I can remember. I had 2 previous boyfriends before this one but I never felt I wantd to tell either of them about my fetish but this one is different and I feel I want to tell him. Im terrified of what hel say and think!
Sometimes I think he has fair idea about my fetish because there was one day last year in college when he and one of or mutual friends were looking at youtube on my computer and I had been looking at videos of bellybutton stuff the day before and it showed up in the recent videos! I was cleaning the kitchen when I heard my BF say 'hmm whats that all about?' and our friend just shrugged and said he didnt nw. I just pretended that I didnt hear them and thankfully they never confronted me about it. I was mortified though! and ever since that day I wonder has my boyfriend thought about it. Also when we are in bed he sometimes starts playing with my bellybutton but not in a way that makes me think he knows I like it it seems like hes testing to see my reaction when he does it sometimes.
Like the other night in bed he began rubbing his finger around my bellybutton and I just lay there trying to work up courage to tell him but before I could he started asking me quetions regarding umbilical cords and babies and stuff and I ended up giving him a Biology lesson instead of telling him my little secret!!! Its driving me crazy anyone have any ideas regarding how I could tell him? Please help!!
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Personally, I have found that men like being told what a woman wants and likes, takes the guess work out of it. They also are more then willing to be a part of whatever makes their woman happy, if he isn't selfish. I have told my boyfriends/husbands, it wasn't easy because of the feeling of being thought weird or rejected but I found it to be my best decision. Every one of them were more then willing to join in. Just as told to you by one of the other posts, react differently next time he plays with your bellybutton, guys like reactions.

Good luck.

Go up to him and say exactly this; I have a secret and I want you to know, but only if you want to. If he says ok, just tell him, then wait for what his reaction is.

You must tell him! I have a serious belly button fetish and I told very few of my former girlfriends about it and nowadays I really regret it! I've always wanted to have a GF with a belly button fetish and who knows? maybe one of them had one and I never found out! What a waste!
Your BF is SO lucky!

react a bit differently when he plays with your belly button , give him hints and you will see if he has noticed :)