My Ex-wife

My ex-wife to this day has the sexiest belly button I have had the pleasure to lick, kiss and worship. We have been divorced for some time now and we have two amazing kids and we get along pretty fairly. We haven't done anything sexual since our divorce and that's what makes this story so cool. Last week she called me to come over to help her move a piece of workout equipment from her loft, both kids were at school and her father and brothers were not available to help. I arrive and she answers the door in her workout pants and cropped work out top exposing her toned, and concave belly. She knows after 10 years of marriage what effect her belly button has on me and I instantly got hard seeing her in her outfit. We moved the equipment into her room and she thanked me and asked if I wanted to have a beer, I accepted and we went out to the patio to make small talk. She excused herself for 5 minutes and came back in her new tiny black bikini and sat next to me. My ex also has the nicest set of implants money can buy and she filled out her bikini nicely, but all I could focus on was her belly button. I then asked her if her new boyfriend enjoyed her belly button as much as I did, she smiled and giggled and said that he does and she tells him stories of how much I loved her belly button and now he has a belly button fetish too. All I could think about was licking her belly button as she told me stories of him licking her belly button and she could tell by the bulge in my shorts that I was turned on. Then she concluded that no other man ever did the same things to her sexually or licked or worshiped her belly button more than me. She stood up right in front of me with her belly button staring right at me and asked me if I wanted to lick it, with no hesitation I placed my hands on her hips and proceeded to lick and kiss her sexy belly button, licking all around it and darting my tongue in and out of her sexy innie. She was getting turned on so much that she pulled me up and we went upstairs to her bedroom and ****** like we use too when we were married. I made her tell me all of her belly button stories from ex-boyfriends to her present boyfriend which only turned me on even more. We ****** for a couple of hours and I came all over that beautiful belly and made sure I came in her sexy innie. I will share some of her experiences later with her boyfriends but after writing this I'm turned on have to stop or I'm gonna explode in my pants. Until then.
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Dude share it!

I did. It is in my stories.

I have a similar story but with my Ex's ***. Love it.

ok cool