Love My Lesbian Girls Belly

When I first met my gal, I told her about my fetish and told her she could have an ****** if she allowed me to play with it . Our first nite together i went from her lips, neck breast and started to tongue and bite her belly button. After much moaning I stuck my finger in softly and started to push, she would soon tighten around my finger from spasms and arc her back and moan. I whispered if she wanted more and she did, I pushed harder and deeper as she moaned louder and she began to tell me she needed to ******. When she did, she said she never felt an ****** like that. We had to wait a while for our next experience because she was sore. As time went on we have used vibrating *****'s, screwdrivers, handles of knives ( for our heavy play nites). She yearns now for something to be in her belly at all times, to the point i will sleep with a finger in her. She loves that spasms hold my finger in and it must be slowly pulled out. For more excitement sometimes she wil go a few days without anything to make her more "needy" and letting me do anything I want.
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5 Responses Nov 27, 2012

my boyfriend almost doin that to me specially he was in love with my button dont know why xd :p <3

Very sexy images.
You two are a good couple: your honesty and sharing and sexuality, what a good match.

I loved your story. it was very inspirational indeed. Looking forward to torture my gf's navel, only if she allows me,

Good story, sexual and, in a way, romantic.

WOW!! didn't know that an ****** was possible by this but I will have to give it a try....

It does if done right..mostly with us its involved in a lot teasing and her enjoyment of some pain. hope you enjoy!!!!