Belly Love

The warm Rivera breeze flowed gently over naked body and flickering candlelight put wavering shade and golden light across her beautiful face.
She lifted her head from the pillow and smiled at me. The smile turned to a grin and the grin, bit of a tease. She lifted her shoulders and head in a sit-up motion. Her belly muscles crunched beautifully. And her belly button closed. She relaxed and it opened, crunched again and it closed. It was winking at me.
She brought her knees up and raised her hips. Her back arched. Her belly was open and stretched and the lines of muscle showed under her sleek skin. Her belly button was stretched and exposed. The exquisite pink of her lips glimmered in front of me; open now as her legs spread.
I raised and knelt over her. Her belly was quivering. Her hips were thrusting. Her gorgeous ***** lips were open and glimmering in the light flicker of candlelight.
My finger hovered over her navel.
Her belly quivered. Her head and shoulders tossed.
Her hips were thrusting, trusting, looking for something for friction, for a touch and found my hips and gyrated against them.
My finger stuck into her. Right in her belly button. Delicious feeling. Her muscles loosened, and I went in deep. I felt the bottom of her navel. Amazing the feeling deep in her, hard in her, beautiful to see my finger sticking From her center.
Harder now. My index finger, push and push and dig at her navel; amazing, glorious penetration. I held it there twisted, felt her little erect belly knot. It felt it as if her navel were reaching to pull me in.
My other hand pushes up the skin of her belly, rolling motion, from her soft pubic hair to her navel making it deeper, gorgeous. I had to taste her and my tongue sunk into her belly button and twirled in her luscious belly hole.
I slid down her body, moved myself between her legs. She opened them wide. So gorgeous, so exciting, I lost my thoughts, lost everything looking at her. So beautiful she was almost painful to look at.
I slid down. My face close to her *****. I wanted to wait and use technique, my experience and tease her. But she was too wonderful, to delicious. I pushed my head between her thighs. And jammed my lips against her. My tongue went for her ****, delicious, moist, erect; lick and again and again, hard, hard, fast, very fast and her hips wild, twitching, jumping. I grabbed her *** and pinned her enough to get in closer suck in her ****, my warm tongue on her, she is so delicious.
I stopped.
And put one soft, lingering kiss on her ****, ran my tongue very slowly down her luscious lips and back up to her erect ****.
Index finger out, just above her navel as my mouth covered her **** and pushed, then sucked, then licked hard, harder, as her hips went into spasms, her belly reached up to feel my fingertip and I jammed it into her, stroked her navel core. So deep so beautiful, felt her muscles, felt the quivers in her muscles beneath my finger and her hips in spasmodic frenzy.
I knelt, put my hard **** on her cit and she shudder, then grabbed my *** an drove me deep into her. I held there, savoring her beauty like tight warm velvet she transported me with her tight pulling, like she's greedy for my ****, then her g-spot puffs up on the upper side, like small ridges that scrape gently, insistent, a bit rough as she moves closer to climax, then she opens deep inside. I can feel her opening and opening deep inside her and it's a warm wet place.
I pull out slowly and drive in deep hard, fill her, penetrate her, she clinches me, holds tight so the thrusts get harder, against her tightness, her g-spot ridges tickling, almost painful - doesn't matter I need her so much. I ram into her again and again as she spasms I dig my finger in her belly button
She screamed. A long moaning, golden, astonishing scream. Of of release or surrender or both I didn’t know.
When I freed myself from her clinging thighs I crawled up her body.
I kissed her, softly on the lips. “You are so beautiful,” I said softly into her ear.
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