My Aunt's Navel

When I was 16 I had gone to visit my grandparents alone during my vacations.My Aunt which happened to be my father's cousin's wife was also staying there.I was seeing them after a long time.
She was a beautiful woman in her mid 40's blessed with a daughter who got married.She had a curvy body type ,was not fat nor skinny just the way I liked .She always wore a silk saree which revealed her belly.I got attracted on seeing it and would get an erection on seeing that.It was a trip of about 14-15 days.There was nothing much to do and so I used to spend time with her.When uncle was not there I was her man to drive and accompanying with her and grandma to shopping.I always controlled myself as my hands were attracted to her golden belly like a magnet.I always wished to touch them some time.
And then the time came when I had to go home.So everyone accompanied me to drive to the airport.A lot of relatives also bumped in to drop me at the airport.It was a long way to the airport so it was like a trip.
I was sitting in a 6-7 seater car in the third and last row alone with a bag and when we were about to leave when someone shouted there was an empty seat next to me.It was aunt who would be sitting next to me.I thought this might be my last chance to touch her lovely belly and so I faked up some emotions and told her that I would be missing her.She gave a kiss on my cheek and said she would be missing me too.Meanwhile some of the relatives sat inside and one of them gave me a big bag which was for my family. I kept it on my lap and half of it was on her lap.She got some tears in her eyes and I thought this was going too much.So I pulled her head to my shoulder to calm her down and patted gently on her shoulder.Again her belly was attracting my hand and perhaps I thought to give it a try and then I took this step slowly and placed my hand on her golden belly.It was cold and soft.I wished that moment lasted forever.
I slowly started rubbing her belly and promised her that I will be coming next year.She seemed to be perfectly comfortable with it.My hands kept on shifting places on her belly as we were talking through with her head on my shoulders.The relatives who sat in front of me were busy watching a movie on the dvd player.We couldn't watch it clearly as there was a bag on our lap and so were busy talking an my hands busy on her belly.Those three and a half four hours were the best I lived.
When we were about to reach she whispered in my ear "The next time you come you will have better places to touch.".I got shocked by hearing this.Saying this she pulled my hand and kept on her breast shortly for a second and then and then her pu$$y."Hope I have a long thing to see"she whispered again rubbing my erection.When it was the final time she planted a kiss again and said she would be waiting for me.I got a shy smile in front of everybody.
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really i would love to spit on her navel and lick and make her navel wet with my spit

I find that very hard to believe. But, If it is the truth good on you. I'd finger your aunts sexy belly anyday. She should get it pierced.

Dude this really happened,I banged her two years later.She was at a stage where her husband got bored with her and probably now is,she was lonely and as I said her daughter got married and so she was seeking happiness.