A Lesbians Love For Belly Buttons

I love other girls belly buttons. I love really deep innies. I also like in-betweenies. Not a fan of outies though.

I like the plain belly but I also love pierced belly buttons. I have mine pierced. It is really sexy and I love the dangling belly bar.

I'm looking to talk to any girls (straight or lesbian) about their belly buttons and share personal experiences.
Gringots55 Gringots55
18-21, F
6 Responses Dec 14, 2012

It's not our fault that humans have outiessss

kik?love to chat babe

Too bad I'm not a girl. We could have some fun, sensual chat. Oh, well...

I'm straight but I love belly buttons as well...especially deep innies.

You sound like a very sensual and desirable woman, btnlv.

Thank you Sacron.

I'm a guy, so don't fit your profile. Still, had to say, you sound wonderfully sensual.

Thanks, beautiful.

I love deep innies too, not much of a fan of outies either. I love pierced navels too.