The Adventures Of Morgana Ravenblack Chapter 1

Hiya. This is the first part of an epic multipart story I am collaberating on with another writer.

The Adventures of Morgana Ravenblack

Chapter 1

Morgana grinned from the rigging as her ship slowed to a stop at the docks of an island possibly more infamous than Morgana herself was, which she found quite impressive. Checking her hat was good and tight, she hopped down to the deck and across the gangplank to the dock, nodding a greeting to the familiar harbormaster, though the man was so drunk she wasn't sure he had even noticed her.

The pirate captain strutted down the streets of Tortuga, casually stepping over and around unconscious bodies and street fights. The place was more or less the scum of the Caribbean, and she loved it for that.

She pushed open the doors to her favorite pub, and the bartender smiled warmly at her. "Morgana Ravenblack!" he called to her, making her grin back. "My very favorite pirate captain! Returning from the latest voyage of plunder and danger, eh?"

"Are my endeavors getting that much attention already?" Morgana chuckled as she approached the bar and pulled up a stool, throwing a few shillings onto the counter.

The bartender was already reaching for a bottle of his finest rum for her as she sat down. "You know how it is, Morgana, the only thing more infamous than your reputation is your wardrobe, and more specifically what it shows, and I see tonight is no exception!"

Morgana smiled as she took a swig of rum, and couldn't help but look down at herself to verify what the man said. Indeed, one of her most famous—and her personal favorite about herself—physical features was on full display tonight, as it always was. Her belted trousers sat low on her hips as her black leather boots rested on the floor; a knee-length royal blue captain's coat hung loosely behind her, and beneath it her already short white shirt was tied into a knot to show that famous feature: her incredible stomach.

Morgana Ravenblack was a very curvy woman, but far from heavy. She had the most ideal hourglass figure a woman could ask for, and she was proud of it. Therefore, she never refused an opportunity to put her flat belly on full display, no matter how vulnerable it made her. She had a particular fondness for her navel as well, a round innie that sat in the center of her exposed midriff.

Moving her attention away from her proud midsection, Morgana set her large hat on the counter and let her wavy black hair spill down her back. As she downed her rum—it always amazed people how much she could drink without passing out—she kept one ear open to the room, as Tortuga was a gold mine for rumors and stories that often lead to treasures and wealth. Much to her delight, tonight was no different.

A few tables away, some Royal Navy deserters huddled together and whispered to each other. Sensing their hushed conversation was just what she may have been looking for, Morgana took her bottle and moved a few seats closer to the group and began to listen.

"Tell me again, tell me again!" a large bearded man whispered excitedly. Oh yes, Tortuga never fails to deliver! Morgana thought with a smirk.

"Okay, okay!" their leader said, though he had a wide grin on his face as well. "Legend has it that there is a very special gemstone and is the source of unlimited wealth!" Morgana almost choked on her drink at the sound of this, and quickly tried to cover it up with a cough, though thankfully the men seemed to pay her no attention and the leader continued. "It's a magical jewel that's triggered when it's inserted into the navel. I don't know how exactly it works, but apparently once you do that, it'll grant you riches beyond your wildest dreams!"

For a moment, Morgana thought she may have died and gone to heaven. A sly smile crept across her face and she moved her hand down to her bare stomach without thinking, slowly tracing circles around her belly button with her finger. The men didn't seem to offer much more information, so despite knowing what was probably about to follow, Morgana pressed them.

"And where can you find this magical jewel, gentlemen, if I may ask?" she said over her shoulder.

The men slowly turned as one to look at her. Their leader narrowed his eyes at her for a moment, clearly trying to think, then a grimace appeared on his face as he recognized her. "Morgana Ravenblack!" he said, venom dripping from his voice. "You're the pirate ***** that got me thrown out of the Royal Navy!"

Morgana simply shrugged and took another swig from her bottle. "I didn't want to get arrested and face the noose, my good man, you can't blame a girl for that."

His eyes glittered with malice. "Maybe so, but I'll not have a belly-baring **** like you take this treasure away from me! Get her, boys!"

Morgana sighed, but couldn't help but smile. The hard way it was, then. She got to her feet, pulled her hat onto her head, took one last swig of rum, then shattered the bottle across the face of the first brute to come at her.

"Must we go through this every time you visit, Morgana?" the bartender whimpered, diving to safety beneath his bar. Ignoring him, Morgana unsheathed her cutlass as the thugs did the same. It only took one more brute to erupt the entire pub into a brawl: the man lunged at her, she sidestepped and used his momentum to throw him into another patron, who in turn accidentally smashed the drink in another's hand, which simply escalated the whole fight. Typical Tortuga.

Ignoring all of the other fistfights that had broken out within seconds, Morgana focused all of her attention on her own personal attackers. A smaller man came at her with a short saber, slashing at her bare midriff. She jumped back, pulling her stomach in and away from the blade as it carved the air mere inches from her skin. She managed to parry a blow with her own sword, stopping his blade from puncturing her navel. Driving him back, she managed to knock the saber from his hand and kick him in the chin, sending him rolling over a table and into a separate fight.

Two to go, Morgana thought, readying her weapon. Her eyes bulged when she saw the huge bearded man charge at her. Before she could react, he slammed a giant fist into her soft and unprepared belly, knocking her back against a pillar. He grabbed the nearest bottle and smashed it over a table, leaving the end sharp and jagged. Morgana was once again forced to periodically pull her belly in to get away from the broken bottle being thrust at it. So focused was she on protecting her stomach, she never saw the large elbow coming until it rammed into her face and pushed her against a table. The giant grabbed her by the throat while she was disoriented and shoved her onto the table, bending her back over the edge so her smooth belly was stretched.

"Let's see if you're so eager to show off that gut after I've bloodied it up!" The man brought the broken bottle close to her stomach again, making her suck it in. Thinking quickly, she looked up at his face and saw a chandelier hanging a few feet above his head. Grinning, she reached out and pulled the flintlock pistol from his belt and quickly fired off a shot. The chain shattered, and the heavy iron chandelier dropped onto his head with a dull CLANG! The man wobbled for a moment, dropping the bottle, then fell to the floor himself, unconscious.

Satisfied with herself, Morgana got to her feet and checked her midriff for damage, though there was none. Her celebration was short-lived however, as a bar stool was suddenly shattered over her back, knocking her to the floor. Moaning in pain, she rolled over onto her back to see the group's leader standing over her, Morgana's own cutlass in his hand. "The Adventures of the great Morgana Ravenblack end here and now," he growled, raising the sword. Morgana crawled backward across the floor to get away, but she only made it a few feet before hitting the side of the bar, leaving her nowhere else to go.

Grinning evilly, the man pointed Morgana's sword to her stomach and move it closer, aiming straight for her precious navel. Not knowing what else to do, Morgana fearfully sucked her belly in as far as she could, though the blade kept coming. Savoring the moment, the man rested the sharp tip of the cutlass inside her belly button at the center of her concave stomach.

Before the final thrust pierced her navel, however, someone ran up behind the man and broke another bar stool over his head. He swayed where he stood for a few seconds, then hit the floor hard, dropping Morgana's sword next to her. Standing in his place was the bartender, two broken stool legs still in his hands. Morgana stared at him for a moment, her belly still sucked in and concave. "I told you, you're my favorite pirate captain," the bartender said with a smile.

Morgana laughed, finally letting her belly back out. She accepted his help to her feet, then brushed off her bare belly and adjusted her hat. "Thanks," she said, then turned to the leader that had almost killed her. "Now then, you're coming with me, we need to have a little chat aboard my ship." She grabbed the unconscious man's arms and started dragging him through the chaotic pub.
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