My Desire For my aunt Navel

I'm a great wild navel lover of ladies..during my school dayzzz, wen my brother was younger he came to my home after his school everyday… my aunt came daily to my home to pick up my brother after her office works… She had the best stomach in the world..she was a stomach bomb..She used to talk to my family members in dining room for nearly 10 min..before she comes I sit in a chair where I can have a clear view of her navel portions..she comes and usually stands near me and talks..Her belly wud be right infront of my face..i enjoyed watching her belly daily that she didn’t notice me watching her navel..i used to get lovely sweat smells from her armpits..but I didnt get any chance of touching her belly till this day..i got this erotic feeling from the day when I kissed her on my birthday where I was forced to kiss by my parents at an age of 13..A deam to kiss her navel and belly portions one day..!!
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

...why does her belly turn me on so much???? any power behind the bellies????

Her belly turns you on because you have a 'fetish' for it. There is enough "power behind the bellies" to get you to write about it; to get you to ask questions about it and to get you to tell stories about it. Therefore, you have really answered your own question!


ohh u r absolutely right..anyways to avoid this "NAVEL FETISHNESS"???..just asking..!

Wonderful story, badladyboy!

Perhaps your aunt could 'feel' within herself that you admired her navel and would give you an opportunity to see it whenever she could. But sometimes when a woman wears certain clothing which shows her navel like that for everyone to see, she does so with nobody particular in mind to show it to. Just sharing it's beauty with the world is all that she really has in mind!

Great experience you had back then with your aunt, even though you were "forced" to kiss her!


her belly is like a baloon..i havent seen her navel so far..yes that was a very nice incident..but if i was like this on that day, i wud have put my hands on her navel straight away while kissing...why does her belly turn me on so much???? any power behind the bellies????