My Friend's Hot Mom

I’m a wild navel lover…it was a vacation..i was studying in my school …I had gone to my friend’s home on one fine Saturday morning to play games…his mother served me a cup of tea and me and my friend were playing computer games..she was sitting on the floor asking about my life…suddenly when I turned to answer her,I saw her full tummy been exposed and her pallu was off…she was lying flat on the floor…I pretended as if I didn’t see her navel…
After an hour me and my friend were playing chess on the floor… she completed her kitchen works and asked us if she cud join the game… v nodded our head and she sat on the floor just opposite to me…I pretended as if I never knew chess and said “cud u please help me aunty?????”..she said “y not…I’ll help you”…then I slowly moved on the right side of her…oh my god now her entire tummy was visible to me…her navel was so erotic…I enjoyed watching it…it was so nice as her saree was so loosely tucked… her pallu came out from her waist…
After that incident I often visit her home whenever she was alone..her saree is very transparent that her body is exposed…she is a very frank and a good lady to speak with..i liked her ! please add ur comments friendzzz...!!
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

is it true ??? how her navel looks like?

yes its really true...its very round and deep...a pleasure to be watched at anytime...she has a fair structure but she has got such an awsum belly...i watch it so closely as she often lifts her hands to scratch her hair......she is a very open and a casual lady...hope i'll have her navel feast soon..!!

great.. have you experience any recent navel encounters...

her navel looks similar to the one in the above picture