How Will U Act To This...????

Imagine there is a heavy rain in your city / town / village...Your the only man living in your house...a female similar to the one in the below image comes and asks you "Excuse me dude...My home is far away and i dont have an umbrella...So Can I stay in your home untill the rain stops????" (her saree is very wet...her bra and her navel is clearly visible to you) will you act to this situation ???? please share it with ur comments.....

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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

She is you ...
We were stretched on the with you in the glowing light. You looked at me and smiled then moved your fingers along the top of your low sari, pushed it down. No petticoat, just La Perla panties. Your fingers just grazed the bit of downy hair. Then your long fingernail slowly scratched lightly, slowly, up your tummy, Sweet, almost a tickle but more, more soothing, more exciting I watched your belly undulate. Your slender finger teased the oval top of your navel, slowly, gently grazed down the long vertical line. Gorgeous navel, beautiful, and very sensitive. You moved your finger around your pretty belly button so slowly your belly twitched. And I watched and hardened with desire for you and I knew you almost couldn’t stand it, and you needed your fingernail in it, deep in it. Needed me, to touch and lick and kiss and penetrate your belly button.
I see a blush rise on your smooth cheeks, look longing at your oval, the long slit, your fingers, somehow, still just touching that gorgeous little belly hole. You smile wisely. You know me, know what I want. I want to finger and lick and **** and ram, dig my finger tongue into your belly button.
Hand slides behind your neck. I lean toward you. My lips graze your throat. My lips on yours now. My fingers glide softly over your upper stomach and you man a little and your belly rises to meet my fingers.
I lean up and look at your belly button. I look inside, inside at your center and my hand reaches down under your silk brief panties and moves, moves and moves low, from hip to hip along your belly skin.
Your belly button is now a complex of nerves awake screaming, calling for pressure for friction for speed, and you smile and nod to me and I lower my lips to your navel. Just above it. Not touching you yet.
"God" you whisper and my lips graze the rim of your deep navel. My tongue flicks into you belly button, lightly, in out in out. I'm hardly breathing now, completely in a trance by your belly button, the skin on your lower belly, the line of soft hair and the plumb button rising.
Your hand goes low, between your smooth thighs quickly rubbing. Your eyes close. Your belly button incredibly sensitive, and my tongue digs in deep. And hard. I penetrate your open belly button with my tongue, tasting the delicious folds and hard belly-know at the bottom. The seat of pleasure. Third chakra, seat of sexual pleasure. Your little belly knot feels the wet friction of my tongue and your belly twitches to get it harder, harder. Now your finger is digging deep and hard, hard fast and fast between your thighs. Your hips bucking in pleasure. I dribe my finger into your navel Very hard. It's all speed and hard strokes and digging in your navel, digging almost pain the pleasure so intense, pressure builds, more pleasure-pain you don't know anymore only more, just more, faster and harder. Your eyes open and look at me and there's a misty glow, your eyes so deep going somewhere infinite, somewhere primitive. You bite your lower lit hands moving so fast scraping fast and then your hip jut up, your belly twitches, and twitched hips high now thrusting your navel against your fingernail your nipples hard, erect hips going into spasm and a soft ancient moan comes through your lovely red lips from deep inside. Your twitch, spasm, your belly shimmies uncontrollably your thighs tighten and jump and there's a long moan of relief or ecstasy or suffering or all and your freeze like that, open penetrated. "You're so beautiful," I say, as I lean down to kiss your lips.

How's that? Sound okay?

Honestly, I would allow her to hang and offer her my dryer. Can't help the gentlemen in me.