Females On Here...

So, Iv'e joined this site mainly to try and finally figure out if there are any women on here that GENUINLY have belly / belly button fetishes (consider their own to be an erogenous zone) or are stimulated by the sight/touch of others. Seems to be a very male dominated fetish, and scarily enough seems to attract men posing as females (and claiming to be lesbians) which just is just plain weird (I should mention that the fetish itself is pretty weird but then here we are!!!)

So ladies, now's the time to put your hand up! Be very interested in hearing the results.

Should we not here from any females, perhaps you guys could post your experiences regarding meeting women with this fetish, online or otherwise...GENUINE stories only please.

Thanks! Male from London here btw...
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Me! I do. I've been waiting for attention toward my bellybutton!

Love to chat with you.

Like you, I find it unusual to find a woman who's navel is super sensitive. Who is half-crazy about receiving and giving belly button pleasure.
On EP, I've 'met' a few who are wonderful sensual, exciting creatures. But they are few and far between. And, I think, they have left the site.
Do me a favor, let me know how you admirable search is going.

Im a girl and I definitely have a belly button fetish

I notice the same thing that there are very few genuine females on any of these sites that I'm on. I am one of the seemingly rare women that have a belly button fetish, which is good and bad at the same time. I adore nothing more than having my belly button played with by men, but the thing for me that's a close ******* second is I love to watch a girl play with her own belly button which I may never get to see in real life.

I'm not a lesbian, but my line becomes very skewed at the sight of a woman's belly button just ever so slighly more so than most men's. A woman or a man in a crop top? Forget about it! However, I can't sleep with a man if I don't like their belly button. It's seriously that important to me. I try to finger or lick a guy's belly button and test their reaction. One hated it, one loved it and the rest just don't seem to mind, like it's a quirk I have or something. I also play with my own belly button a ton.

You are my dream girl.