I have always had a fascination with belly buttons as long as I can remember. I've always had the desire to finger belly buttons when I see them and have mine poked in. I came across EP and love reading similar desires I have for belly buttons as well as stories and like to share a fantasy I have of meeting someone from EP for some navel action.
I had been talking with Kyle, another EP member that lived a few hundred miles away, we both loved belly buttons, mine being a deep innie, his an inbetweenie, both of our buttons extremely sensitive to any contact. After a few weeks of exchanging many belly button experiences, as well as fantasies and close up pics of our belly buttons, we decide to meet in the middle for a weekend and enjoy eachothers belly buttons. I arrive at the hotel after he does, and walk in. He was lying in the bed watching tv with his shirt pulled up, absentmindedly fingering his innie-outtie belly button. When I walk in he stands up quickly to meet me at the door, and I get a glimpse of his adorable navel before his shirt falls over it. He walks over and gives me a hug and says hes glad we're finally meeting. He takes my hand and walks back to the bed and sits down, with me standing in front of him, my belly less than a foot from his face. "Okay now show me your belly button, I want to see it" my stomach flutters and my face flushes. Even hearing the words navel and belly button excites me as well as watching his mouth while he says it. Im shy so I hesitate at lifting my shirt and exposing my belly. Kyle senses my nervousness and lightly rubs my belly over my shirt, looking for my navel under it and lightly rubbing his thumb over the belly button dent in my shirt, giving me little chills of excitement. "Can I look at your belly button?" He asks. I nod my head, face blushing red with excitement. He grabs the hem of my shirt and slowly lifts it up, exposing my whole belly to his face, and tucks my shirt under my bra. Even though my whole belly is exposed to him, I can see his eyes transfixed directly on my belly button. The light from the bathroom behind him lights up my innie belly button as his fingers tug on the skin around my navel, pulling it in different directions, watching the creases in my belly button change shape. He takes both thumbs on either side of my belly button and spread them apart. Even just staring into my navel excites me. He stares inside my belly button for a few moments and says "your belly button is a little deeper than it looks, when I spread it apart, the creases pull open and I can see your navel knot all the way at the bottom. Its a lighter pink than the rest of your belly button and looks like a tiny star at the end of your innie." At this point he finally touches the insides of my belly button. First barely poking the very tip of his finger into the shallow part of my navel, and twisting his finger back and forth, feeling the walls of my belly button with the pad of his finger. After a minute of enjoying the friction on my navel walls, he unexpectedly jambs his index finger deep inside my belly button, penetrating where my button creases together, and hits my navel knot hard with the tip of his finger, giving it a good wiggle, moving my navel knot around deep in my belly causing me to gasp and almost faint from sheer pleasure. Noticing my weak knees, Kyle scoops me up and lays me down on my back across the bed. "I want you to be able to focus on me touching your belly button without any distraction, like standing up." He laughs. Kyle takes his finger tips abd lightly drags them down my belly and laughs when it quivers and I gasp from the ticklishness. "I'm going to tickle you later" he promises me "but right now I just want your deep innie belly button." Once again poking his finger deep and hard into the center of my navel, pressing on the knot and making it roll around his fingertip the way he was circling it. As I moan in pleasure, he tries to remove his finger from my navel but it has suctioned onto his finger. He slowly pulls it out, watching my innie pull out with his finger, and lets it hang out for a moment before letting my belly button go. My innie stays out only for a moment before sinking back deep in my belly. Kyle watched my navel do this and I can see it aroused him. "Seeing the inside of your belly button popped out was so hot" he groans as he leans down and licks the outer rim of my navel, he continues to lick only the outside of my belly button until I moan and beg him to please lick the inside of my navel too. He slides his tongue into my button, first licking the walls and then along the crease over and over, before finally shoving his tongue past the crease and into my secret innie, the tip of his tongue exploring the floor of my navel and then tonguing my navel knot, making it move around against his tongue. Just when I think I've experienced the most pleasure ever from my innie, Kyle presses his lips around the outside of my belly button and sucks. I can feel a pulling deep inside my navel and belly. He sucks a little harder until my button pops iside out in his mouth. I gasp at the extreme sensitivity and pleasure of kyle sucking on my belly button stump, his tongue licking the tip of my now outtie and swirling around my belly button cord tethered deep inside my belly. He reached places in my belly button I didnt know existed until he sucked it inside out. When he finishes, he lets go of my navel with a popping sound, and stares at my now protruding outtie with wonder, barely touching it with the tip of his finger so as not to push it in. This time my belly button didnt fall back in immediately, but remaind poking out of my belly for a little over a minute before slowly sinking back inside of my belly, the whole time Kyle stared, transfixed. The inside of my belly button was a dark purple hickey for a week after and a little sore, but even the soreness felt good and would just make me aware of my belly button any time I stretched or washed inside of it in the shower.

*next story is what I do to kyle's inbetweenie belly button
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That was one of the best bellybutton stories I've read in awhile! Also, I have an in-betweenie too. ;)

Wow, excellent navel love story. Erotic!

Kyle is so lucky

Great story. I would also like to see you belly button.

Great story :) would love to chat.. Give me a private message if you want to chat

Sounds good!
I must say Kyle has powerful mouth (lol). I mean I didn't manage to suck an innie out so hard that it stays like that (managed only when using tools).