I remember the first time someone ever kissed my belly button. I was 16 and staying the night at a friends house. When her parents fell asleep, we snuck out and went to another friends of hers house that was having a party. As it got late, some people left and there were a few people staying over sleeping on the living room floor. I had met a guy at the party and we had been talking all night. At this point we're laying on the living room floor and there are people around us sleeping and we start to make out. After a period of just kissing, he sits up and leans over me lifting up my shirt. This was the 90s, so I was wearing a pair of bongos. Anyone who knows about bongos know they were very high waisted and covered the belly button. He lifts my shirt and only my upper waist was visible. He grabbed the waistband of my jeans at the front with both hands and yanked down, his finger nail catching my belly button as he pulled the down to expose it. He folded my jeans down so as to leave my belly open, and first poked my belly button deep fingering my belly button knot at the end for a moment before leaning over and kissing and licking inside my belly button. The rest of the night he would alternate between fingering my innie while kissing me, and bending down to assault my belly button with his tongue. Thatbwas the first time I realized the belly button was an excellent site for foreplay, and until that moment I had thought the desires I had for someone to touch my belly button were weird and that no one had the intense interest in them that I did and assumed my belly button would probably be ignored during physical contact. That night opened up my eyes. And belly button lol.
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Love this story.

You're so exciting.

That's a hot story! Kissing and licking navels is such a turn on!

think the belly button is so sensual and erotic

Aint that the truth!

I couldn't agree more.

If love to lick ur belly button all night n finger it out hunny in ur deep belly button n with my toung lik it n suck on it n make u feel good

SOLD! ;) ♡

I would lick your navel all night and pop it out then worship the outtie mmm it would be wonderful