(True story)
when I was 19 I had just got my first apartment on my own. I loved it. It was in a brand new apartment complex, and also had a swimming pool. One day at the pool I meet 2 navy guys, and they start chatting me up, and I and up hanging out with them at their apartment. Somehow I end up lying on the couch with one and he starts rubbing my belly eventually coming in contact with my belly button. He caresses it slowly and gently, sliding a soft gentle finger into the middle of my belly. At some point he had to get up, but when he came back immediatly went back to petting my belly. His hand rubbing back and forth before he finally said he lost my belly button. I took his hand and placed it over my belly button, which he went right back to fingering much to my joy. Another time we were hanging out he had his shirt off and he shows me his belly button, complaining about how tiny it was and whenever he went to the beach he had to dig the sand out of his navel with a qtip. We eventually progressed to him kissing my belly button, but unfortunately I was too shy to show his belly button the same attention. I moved to another complex shortly after that and lost touch, but will always remember my cute belly button friend.
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So nice of you to guide him back.to your button

Good story. I love your navel sensitivity.

Navels are best sex appeals

That's cute sweetie

I always wanted to just put my index finger on a cute girls navel and finger all day

I think belly buttons are sexy. Especially on a pregnant belly that's about to pop.

I love pregnant belly buttons! mainly because they're outties, and I am so fascinated by them.

Same here. Would you like to chat?


It won't let me message you. Can you add me?

You actually can temporary make an outie from your bellybutton as well

How so?

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