I Love The Way A Womans Navel Sticks Out Of Her Belly

I am middle aged

When I was younger, if a girl showed her navel, and saw you looking at it she would either grin at you or cover it up

Now, at this pub I go to, their is a spectrum of reactions  Some girls show their belly buttons, some keep them covered  One girl said I would never show my belly here I told one girl I loved her belly button  she said thank you, but what is special about it?

One girl was showing her navel, and saw me looking at it, and said to another girl  he is looking, and covered it up  If she did not want it looked at why did she show it in the first place?  She did not seem angry  just  I am going to show my navel, but if a man actually looks at it  I am going to cover it up  So why show it in the first place

I really go gaga over a womans navel only when her waist and hips are exposed  and the stomach

The belly button used to be the crudest, but fetching, sexy part a woman could show


Now it runs from girls that appreciate men checking theirs out to women who think it is just another body part like the elbow  Shania said her's was no sexier than a mans arm  yeah right

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5 Responses Oct 26, 2009

I absoloutley hate it when girls pull their bottoms over their cute belly buttons. I don't think it makes them look attractive I think it's the complete oposite. I personaly like when they're belly buttons are exposed

Some women don't consider the sensuousness of their midriff and bellybutton instead are more interested if someone appreciates their boobs or butts.


Well I love to look at navel's and Belly Button's and for the life of me can not understand why in the He--if they have it out in the open for all to see and then you look at it they get upset. and how can a outie on a pregnant women be cute but on a women that is not pregnant it is eww gross, can some one tell me why this is???

Wow, I feel the same way. For a long time, I thought I was the only one in the world that felt women's bellybutton's were hot. Now I know, I'm not hte only one with this fetish.