Our Vacaton

You and I are on vacation on a Greek island. You’re outside in our private sun deck, sunbathing in your bikini on a sun lounger. Seeing you there, looking sexy lying on your back, I sneak inside the villa to get a couple of things that I’d need.

A few minutes later, I come out again and quietly approach you. You feel contented, the warmth of the sun gently bathing your gorgeous body. Suddenly, you’re startled and you gasp as I lightly grab your wrists and, using very soft rope, I tie your hands to the frame of your sun lounger. Your wrists are secured, not too tightly, but tight enough for you not to be able to free yourself. Because you know that it’s me who is tying you, you are not afraid. You know that you’re safe with me. But you are beginning to feel excited because you do know that you’re about to get some belly and navel treatment from me. Your body becomes tense with excitement.

By now, I’ve gently tied your ankles to the bottom of the sun lounger frame and your sexy flat belly and cute innie belly button are mine to play with as I wish. Your wrists and ankles feel comfortable where the soft ropes bind you.

You say nothing as you see me place the items from the villa on the small table next to you. “And now, Eve, I’m going to have a sweet snack,” I say to you. Your eyes widen and mouth open a little more, wondering what I meant.

The first thing I do is to gaze closely at your navel. I can never tire of looking at your sexy tummy hole, it’s so beautiful. Slowly I place my finger on your belly, just under your navel. Your sun kissed skin feels warm to the touch. With my finger on your belly, I move it down a fraction. Your belly button changes shape a little and reveals more of the creases and folds inside. Lifting my finger from your tummy, your navel reverts back to its normal shape. I put my finger on your belly again, but this time just above your belly button, and move it up just a little bit. Your belly button changes shape again, only differently from the time before. A whole “new” navel for me to admire.

Not being able to resist, I dip my head down and plunge my tongue into your erotic belly button. With my tongue planted firmly in your love button, I gently use both my index fingers to move the skin of your belly up then down to change the shape of your navel, this way and that way so that I can feel the difference in navel shapes with my tongue.

Then I let go of your tummy skin and let your navel return to normal before tonguing your belly button hard. Round and round my tongue goes as I feel the folds and bumps inside. By now, the erotic sensation you feel is arousing you and the fact that you are helpless with your hands and feet tied as you writhe only increases the pleasure.

After a few minutes of ecstasy, you feel my tongue leave your excited navel and you feel a little disappointed. But there is more.

You watch as I pick up the can of squirty desert cream. Your eyes close as you realise what is to come. The sensation of the cold cream makes you suck your belly in a little as I draw a creamy circle around and close to your belly button. That done, you then have the sensation of something cold and wet enter your navel. You open your eyes in time to see the strawberry sitting in your belly button and surrounded by the white squirty desert cream.

Looking up, you see me looking greedily at the sweet desert on your beautiful and sexy tummy. You pretend to struggle against the ropes holding you down. But the ropes are very soft and don’t hurt you one little bit… in fact they feel quite pleasurable and erotic. You like being at the mercy of this man who loves your belly and navel so much.

But then I dip my head once more and begin to lick the cream from your tummy. A little at a time and you feel my tongue gently lapping against your soft skin. It excites the nerve endings and sends shivers of pleasure down your spine.

More and more of the cream I lick until it’s all gone. Just the strawberry remains; sitting in your belly button like a king on his throne.

With one lap of my tongue, I take the strawberry into my mouth and it’s gone. But down I then go and lick up the remains of the cream from your sexy belly before turning my attention once more to your sweet navel.

My tongue enters your belly button and swirls around, exciting all the nerve endings within the knotty flesh of your navel. Your hips wriggle as the electric charges of ecstasy course through your body and towards your *****. You think you can stand it no more.

“No!” you cry, “Please stop!” But I know you do not mean this because we have a special code word that we use if we really want the other person to stop. All you have to say is “Mercy, my Navel Lord!” and I’ll stop for real. But you do not say this, so I continue to tongue-prod your delicious belly button.

But eventually, my tongue grows tired, so I replace it with my eager finger. Into your belly button it goes and round and round it swirls, stirring your navel like a spoon in coffee. The rest of your belly moves slightly in sympathy with this assault on your belly dimple. Your mouth opens wide and your eyes close as I also begin to increase and decrease the pressure of my finger against the inside of your perfect belly button. But you don’t give in. You just enjoy the extreme pleasure that my finger gives you.

But then, my finger tired, I stop and remove it from your tummy hole. I look close and see that the inside of your belly button is a little pink, so I reach for some cool soothing hand-cream and squirt some in.

The cool cream is a pleasurable relief for your navel and the pleasure increases as I gently rub the soothing cream in. Your belly button flesh absorbs the cream until it’s all gone. You find this extremely relaxing.

I decide that you’re navel has had enough punishment for now and I untie your hands and feet and then I smooth some of the soothing cream into your wrists and ankles just in case they had become sore. They hadn’t, but you appreciate the thought. But that does not stop you from planning your revenge on me and thinking about the punishment that you’ll inflict on my poor belly and belly button very soon...
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Thanks, glad you liked it.

Hmmm, thanks but I prefer the ladies.

I would not mind you doing that to me as long as you finish off the erection I would have .