Tummy/navel Fetishist Add On Craigs List

Ok so I have decided to try some so utterly crazy and insane that just might work. I have come up with a totally bonkers idea that might be brilliant if it ends up working.

I have an idea of posting an add on the casual encounters section of my local craigs list to see if I could find a woman who might indulge me in my fetish. An add seeking a woman who will help me fufill my tummy/navel fetish fantasies. Is that totally insane or brilliant? What do you think?

I'd like your help in coming up what to put on the add. I'd like her to have a slim tummy, flat and toned. I'm not talking six packs or anything, but a sexy shapley waist with a supple softness.

So anyone wanna help me write the add? Thoes of you who know me, know about my unique and particular fetish and know what I would have in mind for this woman. Mostly just harmless tummy/navel loving. Caressing, kissing and licking.

I would really love any input or advise that anyone might have.
31-35, M
Jan 21, 2013