It Changed My Life

I began dance class over 7 years ago. I gained my self-esteem and lost my husband.
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im sorry to hear that! I think he's just insecure like so many men nowdays! they'd feel threatened if other men are looking at u, if u're making more money than what they do or if u're better educated! they feel like u've taken their power away and since he couldn't convince u to go back and be his doormat, he'd turn ur children against u!

Beside, why is he only seeing the seductive side of bellydance? i know it's sexy but we don't dance to feel sexy but just to feel better about ourselves, to lose weight, to be inspired and more flexible, also to feel feminine get in touch with our true nature! I don't get it....with all due respect, he's insecure and old fashioned

best luck w/ur dance....we all deserve to feel better :)

Thank you, junkster55!

The art form the dance is more than a women's self ex<x>pression and the feeling of exorbiant freedom.<br />
Sorry to hear that a husband failed to support you, and in a very selfish mode, his thoughts and emotions left him hopeless. When in fact most men would ravish and encourage their wife's accomplishments, regardless of the "subliminal seduction" the dance may- or may not- impose. <br />
It is far more than a performing art and it's sky rocketing popularity has proven that in the last 7 to 10 years. Opah to you and for reaching your ob<x>jective.

No, I hadn't thought of it that way. Thank you for putting a smile on my face.

As far as unwanted attention, I think the difference is I only been dancing 7 years. it's not like I am on tv or something. well, I guess I have been on public access at some point, but that doesn't count. But the husband reference was due to him being embarrassed that did. he told my children I was doing it to jump in bed with other men. <br />
The reality of it was that I discovered my beauty in the process of learning how to dance. I don't consider this a bad thing, even though my husband did.