I Desire Long Belt Spankings

I too love belts pulled out if my husbands pants to be used on my bare bottom. He knows I love it and when I am punished I rarely get the belt. Today I received 50 with a wood brush, 50 with a Johnny loopy and 50 with a cane. My legs were shaking at the en. But this was for not following rules. Belts are for "good girl" spankings. Unless he uses the cowboy belt which is very heavy.
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At least he is into d/d, sometimes months go by with nothing so I will this over nothing. However my bottom is pretty marked up right now, hopefully I will get a "good girl" spanking tonight.

Yes I was but today was worse!!

Sorry dear. Hugs

I don't get the belt very often but I like it as it creates a lot of heat for a longer time and it wraps around you whole bottom. I'm more used to the hairbrush, paddles and canes. Must encourage my wife to use belts more often.

Of course I think I maybe a bit of a painslut. If it doesn't hurt at some point I am disappointed

I so agree with Kandi!! My husband has a dress belt he uses for warm ups, it doesn't hurt that much and gets endorphins going. It's just sexy and masculine to me

I certainly prefer the belt to the other implements. My husband too has figured this out, so he prefers things that get the message across more painfully as well.

Don't you hate that, the strap has replaced the belt mostly, way more painful.

I don't get to complain....I bought my husband that Razor Strop he has.

I need the cane and belt!! Been too long.

I would wear your bottom out and it would be long hard spankings, the belt or paddle or my thick wooden hairbrush,you would be crying for a long time and your bottom would turn bright cherry red,you would be trying to rub your sore butt thats how hard it would be.I would give you the spanking of your LIFE''

then its time for your over due belt spanking,down drop your panties and bend over your getting the belt tonight young lady.

No. I need longer spankings to cry. :(. My husband is taking a break from spanking me. He is afraid
He doesn't get as turned on anymore with out it.

Thanks for your answer, R/hills.

he shouldn't be afraid, i'm sure you'll talk to him about it. the belt hurts me but i LOVE it. the idea of him pulling it off his pant belt loops, doubling it and laying it across my ***, i love it. he's even made me watch him deliver the belt from a mirror or made me turn around and watch him come down on me with the belt as i cry. no mercy and i love it. do u thank your husband after ur punishments? maybe that will help. i tell my husband i am thankful for my punishment & that i needed it and i will be a good girl because of it. i love thanking him for them.

1. How do your backsides look and feel after this kind of spanking?
2. Do you cry during the application?