Best Comfort Food Ever!

For the past couple of years it's been hard for me. Now I'm not saying my life is terrible and I wish I had another life blah blah blah cos I know there are a whole lot of people worse off than me. But for me it was painful, lonely and just downright unbearable.

It started when I was still attending school, at the end of the week I'd but a whole lot of junk food and a large tub of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Now I'm fat and there's no point and dancing around that fact so my mum didn't approve of me eating all that stuff, she'd sit there and ask me how many calories were in it etc. and I just couldn't deal with that at that moment in time. So when my mum went to stay at my grans on a Friday night I'd make sure my dogg and wee sis were all good then sit down with all my junk food and watch Criminal Mind and crappy horror movies.

It was so enjoyable to be able to have some peace and forget about all my troubles for a couple of hours. Sometimes if the weeks were really bad I'd sit and cry over my B&J's tub. But it was okay cos I just wanted to let it all out and the ice cream made me feel a bit better at the time. Spent a lot of money but I think that maybe it was worth it, to have one bit of happiness in my week.

I hardly ever do it now, part of it's to do with the money but mostly I don't feel like I need to now. I still buy a tub once a month at the most for old times sake if nothing else cos it's more about remembering that life was bad then and it got better when I thought it wouldn't so I should keep looking forward. Plus you know how awesome B&J's is!

I'm happier now and a small part of that is down to B&J ice cream. For giving me the comfort I needed when no one else wanted to.
TurningBackTime11 TurningBackTime11
18-21, F
Jul 18, 2010