A Betty Boop Shop

Hi all you Betty Boop Lovers!


My story is short and sweet as the saying goes. I always though BB was so cute but have never actually seen a cartoon.

Also, you do not see too much of her merchandise in stores at the mall etc.

I am disabled and last year started selling handbags on Ebay. I do not sell a lot but it gives me something to do. And I make a little extra money. Ebay makes it tough for little sellers though with all there fees.

So last summer I decided to open my own website. I still list occassionally on Ebay but mainly on my own site. It takes more work than I ever imagined.

But I am getting off track.  Last year I noticed my main vendor sold some Betty Boop handbags. I thought they were adorable but wasn't sure if they would sell.

I bought one to try it out and that sold, then another, now I carry one myself. And I get so many compliments, questions etc.

Recently I decided to start a separate website just for Betty Boop. I have a good bit of merchandise to start with but will be adding more every week.

My focus is still going to be on handbags and wallets but I also carry earrings, bracelets, watches, t-shirts. Stuff for kids and adults. I will be getting in some sweatshirts soon.

As I come across other Betty Boop things like party favors, clocks, figurines I will have some of them too.

I will be adding more fun stuff like you tube clips , pics of Betty so check out my site and let me know what you think.



ahandbagshop ahandbagshop
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Sep 14, 2009