Mundian to Bach Ke - Great Jam

Mundian To Bach Ke

Some of you have heard this song....and the rest of you have heard Jay-Z butcher the song by rapping OVER it. A good move for PMC, but also a bad move because rap just ruins it. Im a Jay-Z fan, but this isnt a song you need to rap with.

So I present you the ORIGINAL song with no rap. :)

copy and paste into browser and wait for the song to load....

this song came out in 1998 but most of you heard the crap rap version over the past couple of years.

and by alll means, dance away!

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4 Responses Feb 13, 2008

Bunty Aur Bubli is in my netflix que - haven't seen it yet, so now i am looking forward to it even more. thanks!<br />
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Good point about Kal penn, but still, some movies i liked...

Kal Penn sucks as an actor, he is one dimensional. <br />
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Chaiya Chaiya WAS out of place in "Inside Man" but I agree, it was cool to hear it in the intro<br />
<br />
That song was such a big hit in India. <br />
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I think Kajra Re is the new song.... Ive heard it everwhere after "Bunty Aur Bubli" came out. Its a great song to dance to

Very good Sasxiv, it was from American Desi... but that didnt come out for a few years after PMC made this song in the UK.

from American Desi - haven't seen it yet - saw kal penn was in it.....what i loved was how they used Chaiya chaiya in the denzel washington movie. It was totally out of place in it, but was nice to hear.....