To Bike Is To Smile......inside And Out

I love to ride a bicycle. I love to pedal a bicycle. I love to spend time in the saddle.

The time spent pedaling is quality time. The longer I pedal the more I become one with my machine, I feel in tune with the bike, I blend with it. It does sound strange, but when you are a cyclist you understand.

This is my bike, although there are many like it, this one is mine. I am nothing without my bike. My bike is nothing without me, just an inanimate object. When I am on my bike, it is dynamic and capable of crossing continents.

I do love to spend time in the saddle and do many types of riding. The main thing is to be out and exploring, breathing, enjoying the scenery, the strain, the thrill, the rush of wind, or the droplet of sweat hitting my thigh as I pedal up a steep incline on a warm day.

I also like the funny tan lines we cyclists get. It is just another aspect of the brotherhood of cyclists. Water bottles, helmets, sun-screens, gear....all to make the time in the saddle more memorable. I miss days on the bike.. I do love to bicycle.
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I do understand. Perfectly. And I also agree, hot is never a problem. This week, our forcasted high temps are low 30's. That's a problem. I generally can't take much below 40. Guess the trainer will get good use this weekend.

This will have to do. I have certainly logged my fair share of hours on a stationary bike and seen the pools of sweat develop on the floor beneath the handle bars. I did not get a chill nor did I get ill, so that is a good thing.

You summed it up pretty well. The last 4 years I have put in 5000+ miles each. It's cold outside now and I am constantly looking to see if it will be warm enough ( above 25 ) for a quick ride after work. I am also waiting patiently for the sun to come back too.

Thank you. Riding in temps below 40 is dedication, I have the gear to accomodate it and dress in appropriate layers. It can never get too hot though, even when I visited in TX and was popping tar blisters brought up in temps above 100 degrees, I was enjoying it.

Yes, hot is not a problem. I just always make sure I have a water stop every 30 miles. Some of those gas stations are life savers.