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Size G?

I love boobs - big, little, doesn't matter to me.  My wife has big boobs, but thats not what I fell in love with, I fell in love with the whole package.

She always has a tough time finding good bras, and found a store specializing in bras.   They measured her and said she is a cup size G.

Is she putting me on?  I've never heard of a G before...

jasonk jasonk 41-45 9 Responses Jun 1, 2008

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Yea it does my friends a 38g

I'm 36G - very real. If you haven't heard of that size, you may have heard of "DDDD." It's the same thing. And no, I don't know why there are two sizing schemes; we ladies think it's stupid, too.

Try a pair of 32 KKs.Heaven,specially when filled with milk,mmmmm

I know size G exist cause some **** girl I love always mentions her size is 32G.<br />
they're huge.

I was a size G until I lost weight, now I'm back to an F. For years I was going around in the wrong size bra -- I was wearing a D!! Ladies, get yourselves professionally fitted, any good department store will do it for free. Having the right underwear will make you look 10 pounds lighter and your clothes will fit better.<br />
<br />
One of my favorite models is a 34G, Merilyn Sakova aka Anya Sakova:

you are very lucky. enjoy them; we do

It's real. I should know, I got G cups myself. Tell her to enjoy showing them off like I do.

I secong milepile's question. How do other guys react? Does she ever wear lowcut shirts that get more of a reaction?

Share some stories if you would about having a wife with big boobs. What is it like being in public? Do men stare? Does she dress to show them off or to hide them? Does it make you jealous that guys are attracted to her big boobs?

nope, G bras are real, you just don't find them in normal bra stores (I order all of my bras online).