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I Love Having Big Boobs!

I enjoy having big boobs, they make me unique and different from everyone else!

They are the kind of thing I wouldn't trade for any amount of money. I mean, they are heavy no doubt about that, but it's just that they make other people happy as well. I feel good if I can make at least one person smile a day. Well, thats it for now, see ya later!

madammimi madammimi 22-25, F 15 Responses Mar 6, 2009

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Some women complain because of many things like having back aches because of the extra weight on their backs but you have such a good attitude about your build and appearance.. Yes some of us guys do like to look.. how can one not look at people no matter what sex shape or color.. but I like to look at shapely women especially who may have big breasts. And I shouldn't feel guilty about it either.

There's a diffference in looking gawking and staring.. what does the man think ?
It impresses the woman if she is stared at or gawked at ?

Big **** always make me smile. The more naked *** I see, the happier I am.

I love my big full 40G breast. I love how they make me feel. I love to go without a bra whenever I can. I like to drive in the car and touch them, or play with the nipples. They make me feel SEXY all the time!!

I would be delighted to play with your big beautiful naked **** and nipples.

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

hello<br />
<br />
im maged like mame new friend <br />
<br />
i hope any woman or girl big breast here and meet my friend<br />
<br />
thank all

I gained 40 pounds of fat just so I could have big boobs. I've gone from being small and petite to being a big plus sized woman just so i could have big boobs. I'm somewhere between a 40D and 40DD. It looks like I am going to spend the rest of my days as a big plus sized woman because I can't get rid of all this fat I gained by being sedentary and eating a high fat diet (on purpose) so i could gain weight and have big breasts, but oh, well, if that's my fate, so be it. I love my big breasts and I LOVE shopping for plus sized bras even though they are SO hard to find in my size. So I'm right there with you. LOVE the big breasts I worked hard to gain weight to have, but, if I had to do it over again, I wouldn't cause myself to get so heavy that I have to shop plus size to do it.

i hope knwn lady big breast new friend

Be happy that your big beautiful **** make men happy and give them a hard-on.

Wanna try it Mimi? I'll help ya lather up :P

I want to touch it.

Here Here!

Does it work? Not that I need bigger boobs or anything, but it seems like a crock, like the kind of thing a shifty, fast talking 1930's tonic salesman would sell to unaware people.

This is the best breast product I have found girls<br />
<br />
Dr Howard's Orginal Boob Butter

so happy to know you like them so many well endowed women do not appreciate their god given blessings.<br />
this is to both madammimi & jules44dd

I too have large boobs and have grown to love them!!

i love it who size u bras

I love that you love your big boobs!

To see a woman enjoy showing off her big boobs always puts a smile on my face.