Big ***

So it's raining outside but still warm I been drinking with my boy just met this chick wit a mean *** no waist tore it up a few I go to the store get some more beers who do I see shorty but wit some other brother.i play it cool heAd check what's up ma she's breAks down I leave she chases I dip into a park she comes we argue it's still raining light I grab push her to the fence pull her pants and panties down one time now the dicks int the *** she screaming hArder and I **** her in the wet *** o its making that claPping sound she's cOming I smell it she bust out Jesus I dig deeper this for trying to give my big booty away I *** all In the ***
Blackman81 Blackman81
26-30, M
May 15, 2012