Neighbor Girl

I grew up in a large Irish Catholic family with 5 sisters. There were always plenty of boobs running around, but they had the Catholic modesty and, well...they were my sisters. My next door neighbors were slightly older, there were three girls, they were less modest, and they WEREN'T my sisters.
One day, while clipping the giant hedge between our yard and theirs (hand dad was cheap :-), I noticed Rae laying out. She had tiny bikini bottoms and a cut off t-shirt that BARELY covered her ample boobs. I took the opportunity to peek through the hedge every time I picked up a branch, and was working up a real good hard-on in my cut off shorts. I had to reach down my shorts and re-arrange my ****.
Rae was on her back and periodically sprayed herself with a water bottle to keep cool. As I worked, it seemed to me she focused much of the spray on her gorgeous ****, and the thin material was now soaked. When I strained to see, I could make out the clear, dark outline of her erect nipples, and my staring became more bold and concentrated. She was GORGEOUS...flat tummy, auburn hair past her shoulders, pouty lips, stunning eyes...but all I could seem to see were her luscious ****.
Eventually, Rae sat up to turn over on her stomach. I was disappointed that my 'show' was over, but got one last image for my spank bank. As she turned over and reached forward to straighten her blanket, her lovely orbs fell free from the t-shirt long enough to give me a visual that is still burned into my mind. Soft, white skin, surrounding erect, dark, half dollar nipples...the whole package swaying as she arranged her blanket.
There were other moments with Rae and her sister, but none as exciting and erotic as that day.

Post script
Rae's family moved out of town that year. 14 or 15 years later, when in Detroit for work, I ran into Rae in a bar. Much to my surprise, she recognized me and came over to say hello. We reminisced for a while over several drinks, and were quite lit. I admitted to her that I once spied on her through the hedge, and she said "I know you did. Did you really think my **** were that hot?!", referring to the repeated sprays from the water bottle. I couldn't believe it, she had been teasing me the whole time. We had a good laugh over it and I told her later "Your **** WERE that hot, and still are." She smiled with those pouty lips.
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Nice story.. was very refreshing to hear your sisters had nothing to do with it...

It's great being looked at! I have a full pair of t*** and sometimes -deliberately - wear a tight ribbed top when I go down the shops or am at home. Yesterday a guy came to sign me up for energy saving scheme but couldn't take his eyes of them. White ribbed top and drak pink nipples with no bra so I knew he had a good view.

Thanks for the reply redhotwrite, but now you are just teasing :-) I want to be the guy at your door admiring your dark pink nipples in a white ribbed top!!

You've convinced me to keep that bra off!

Great story, thanks for sharing.