Big Bouncy And Braless!

A few summers back I was at a BBQ with some friends. It was a co-workers party with some non-company members invited. Some of the women wore bikini tops and the others wore t-shirts and tank tops. Two ladies stood out in the group. Both were braless and really huge on top! One of them was a blond who was at least an F cup. Her friend, the other girl was a taller redhead who was much bigger than the blond. She had to be sporting H cups at minimum because the hostest lady who was a DD herself, knew both women. When she said "those girls make my big **** look like mini ant hills," I laughed and told her she was quite busty herself in a non-perverted way. Seconds later the redhead comes bouncing along and joins the conversation. I tried my hardest not to look when she put us both on the spot and jokingly asked us who's got the biggest boobs at the party? I had to adjust my crotch more than once through night that's for sure!
RedBrook RedBrook
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1 Response Jan 3, 2013

My wife has a white one-piece swim suit with a zipper down the front. And, it goes without saying, a gorgeous rack she loves to show off. We were on the beach and she decided to take a shower. The reason? There were lots of hard body guys there whose attention she wanted. She knew she would be because, you see, her swim suit became TRANSPARENT when wet. So, there they were - big, luscious breasts, big nipples in plain view as she showered, joyfully entertaining the crowd of men gathered nearby.