The few, the proud, the well endowed.

There's nothing as breathtaking as a confident, audacious big breasted woman. Big breasts are not just physically enjoyable, but powerful symbols of life, excitement, power and confidence.

I met a great D-cupper in a parking lot. Her car would not start. The problem was that she had it in the wrong gear, but I went through an elaborate examination of the car, reading the owner's manual that I retrieved from the glove compartment that also had her registration card with her name and address which I furtively copied while pretending to take notes from the owner's manual.

She was taller than average, but her chest was absolutely huge. The thing was that she kind of stooped over and tried as much as possible to conceal her enormous endowments. She slouched, leaned forward and rounded her shoulders in an effort to conceal their size. She looked kind of like a hunch back as she leaned forward and slouched downward even as she tried to look up at me. She was a very classy girl. We engaged in conversation and when she gained enough confidence and trust in me to just stand naturally with a straight back and squared shoulders, the result took away my breath. She absolutely had the biggest bosom I'd ever seen and how nice that she felt secure enough to stop hiding it from me. She actually rubbed them against me several times, all the while pretending it to be accidental..

As we parted she offered me her business card. We dated and had many wonderful experiences together. She had been cruelly teased about her huge bust line and it was a source of insecurity for her. She stopped trying to hide them and began to accept her natural beauty. I love escorting big breasted women and the attention they attract. Some women can't handle the power and the attention, but those who can are goddesses.
DDonn DDonn
May 8, 2012