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Abused ****

I am pretty sure I have a big ****, since every man I've been with has admired it and declared it beautiful and huge. I love having a big **** -- during sex I love feeling it being stimulated as I grind into the face and pubic bone of the man or woman I'm screwing. I love feeling my lover playing with it, making me gasp and scream, begging for him to let up as my ****** peaks and crashes down hard on me. keep playing with it and my **** gets bigger and harder and i become more sore, flinching and screaming. i sometimes pass out at the intensity and persistence.

I abuse my **** constantly.  I need to *** daily, as many times as I can manage.  I love ************, and don't think of that as a poor substitute for sex.  ************ is perfect sometimes -- I know what I'm feeling and what I need. It can be efficient and intense to abuse my ****.  And my vulva and labia, too, of course.

I love sucking and playing on a big ****, too. The plumpness and fatness of that swollen bud is irresistible, and I do feel kind of let down when her **** doesn't grow, or doesn't bud up. A big **** is a little ****, and I fantasize that my **** grows into a ****, and how it would feel entering a *****. The thought makes me *** as I lick her ****, and mine gets big and bloated and sensitive.
auroramaru auroramaru 46-50, F 110 Responses Oct 10, 2010

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I will send you a message on this subject.

whynottonight, looks and equipment do count for something ;)


jjongen, there are lots of reasons to love (or not love) women -- imagine how you got so focused! ;)

Nubbintodeclare, thank you. I wrote this a while ago, and happily, things haven't changed in this regard!

kingbreezy, indeed, i do feel blessed! someone pointed out that it's like the prize at the bottom of the box of snacks or cereal lol.

wow this head line captivated me. i love sucking nibbling, flicking,chewing, a big **** you are truely blessed.

bound2likeit, that's not what i meant. cybering as a sex act is acceptable and often better than the reality. real life gets in the way of many things. i meant that cyber without getting to know the other person -- via chat, mail, etc. -- is not worth it. not all relationships are into anal sex, and some are not into cyber. on the other hand, i've had weekends that are just anal, or just cyber, and with the right partner, it's not only gratifying but hotter than hot!

I agree completely.

thank you, old boxy ... being considerate is sometimes part of the thrill, too. ;)

bound2likeit, that's true for any preference. this is why i don't cyber -- most of the time, i don't know the person well enough to make it meaningful or even fun. the fact that people ask without knowing anything about the other person makes me wonder why they just don't read already written ****. :)

bound2likeit, many men seem to enjoy the tease. it just depends on the man, and often on the situation. as for women, i find many get irritated lol.

bound2likeit, it's interesting that many men think that women like being taken to "the verge" and then not ******. a **** ba<x>sed ****** is like that, the other types generally are not. you did point out that you'd be playing with my ****, so maybe you do get it. i was *********** hard by the bf this morning before *******, just because he felt like ******* a very sloppy-wet *****. it doesn't have to be an end in itself, but just enhancement to the end!

razorgrrl, you're right ... being a sexual being keeps us young -- at least mentally! and wanted to be sexually pleasing means we look after ourselves better, i hope. so all in all, more youthful!

I love having sex everyday or ************ too. Having lot of sex keeps you young and it's helped me that way. -_^

jknomnom, men are pleasantly predictable, which is why i'm happy to try and enlarge the buds -- it makes men happy, too!

niplover, from our moniker, are you after the bloated nipples or the fat ****??

niplover have you ever had a woman who wants it too gentle, and you get bored? i never understood that, but i've had some women like that, for sure.

ladyblue, and yet, is it worth it? ;)

I think it may be. Lets face it, there are some easy ways to take care of all of those negatives, while still getting the benefits.

the very definition of creativity, lady blue!

A big **** is usually indicative of a woman with lots of testosterone which is why they are also usually hornier, and more like men sexually, than women with average or small clits. There can be negatives too like more facial and body hair, more body odor, receding hairlines or female baldness and other things that are more common in men than women.

rwarman, hope the resulting ****** was good, too!

yes bb ****** hot took my fat hard **** out n stroked as i read this

desire4women, you can ********** to that one now! ;)

nalatrebor, wonder if someone is coordinating tickets and lines for that? heehee!

crazywaterspring, i admire body sculptures and piercing ... but i'm too afraid of the changes. good or bad, any change might change the relationship, so i'm settling on admiring and voyeurism. ;) good luck with the piercings!

I had my **** pierced as a gift to her. A steel bead on her **** is wonderful for all.

jimbosis, thank you -- the act of exploration and experimenting are fun in themselves, don't you think?

nelson, i have heard that anyone can squirt, but like the elusive female ******, research indicates it has to do with a woman's mental state more than anything else. so the environment has to be right, she haas to not worry what the man will think of her, etc. why does anyone want to **** a woman? lol ... i assume it's because the rewards are great. ;)

I would love to suck that ****... it's rare to find one, but when you do... it's amazing the way it feels to suck on one and the way she gets when you do it right. <br />
<br />
Could I please???

cjjc, it's pretty sore ... the husband wanted to experiment with making me squirt, so he enjoyed a lot of fingerbanging and ************ me.

Was he successful? I had one who squirted, not every time, but enough. It was fantastic! I wish him luck!

he's been doing lot so f research about squirting and seems to be experimenting a lot. not consistent, yet .... but it's fun, and that's the point, right?

A big **** is super sexy. More to lick and love. Let me sooth your abused clitty :)

Muscm4tgirl, that's how I feel about sucking ****... I never enjoyed having my **** eaten till fairly recently. But as a courtesy, I keep my ***** shaved, of course ... Just in case!

corderro, thank you very much. :) i used to fantasize about ******* my husband in the ***, but i am not terribly into strapons. but fantasies are often better than realities, so i keep on fantasizing. thanks for reading my stories, and enjoying them. thanks, too, for the kind comment!

You're welcome. Your stories are brill :-)

glad you're enjoying them, and thank you for all the comments!

I love your writings Auroramaru....Please keep posting :-)<br />
I often wonder what it would be like to change places with my wife as we make love...