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Discovered I Like Big Clits By Accident

One night I was looking for some g/g **** online and found a "Lesbian **** Pump" gallery of pics. It was of a woman applying a ****/nipple pump to another woman and it was so hot! When the pump was removed her **** was swollen, and her partner sucked on it like a little penis...and the nipples looked to be about 2" long when pumped. Since then I've been hooked.
butterpecan1 butterpecan1 36-40, F 14 Responses Jan 10, 2011

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I love a freshly pumped up ****... makes them so sensitive to my licking, sucking and rubbing

Sounds Hot....

i first got hooked on big clits when i saw a denise masino film since then i got myself a pump to use on various girls and they all love it there is nothing better than making them come than by licking and sucking on their engorged clits

I had my pump on one time went off a couple of times relaxed and went to sleep when i woke later was still pumped up cant begin to tell you the sensations felt!!!

Would love to watch my lady use her **** pump on you and see how large and long it would get! ;)

mmm I love to see large clittys. always have since i saw one as a young boy once.

Have you ever had your **** or nipples pumped up????

Big, throbbing, glistening, **** .....Oooooo baby ......

@ pixelita: Here's a link of enlarged ****/pumping pics.

Wow!! I'm not into girl on girl but I'd like to see that! :-)

Oh wow... do you mean you pump your own ****? That sounds hot!!!

something amazing about an enlarged pumped ****...............

i had a gf once whose **** was naturally large. omg i loved it and doing everything imaginable with it. it opened up a whole new experience giving her oral love :)

very nice....arousing....