My Wifes' Big ****

My wife is blessed with a nice big one. The first time I touched it I almost blew my load. We where kissing and I reached down between her legs to find a very large, very hard erect **** just waiting to be sucked. Needless to say I found myself on my knees licking and sucking for all I was wearth. It was and still is amazing.
bigdaddy41 bigdaddy41
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4 Responses Jan 18, 2011

How you enlarge it please advice me

Thanks guys. Glade you enjoyes the story. Unfortunately my wife will not allow me to take any pictures of her beautiful, fat, very suckable ****. If I had any to post I would be more than happy to show them. She is shy and still has a few hang ups from past ******** that didn't appreciate her **** and made her feel weird. I'm still working on her and maybe one day she'll let met post a picture.

Your a lucky man, id love to suck on a large ****.

mm sounds so good wil we ever see her ****...