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My Big ****...keyanna Moore

wow... i really dont see it any other way.  i ********** at least twica a day.  i first realized my **** was different from others very early and as most ladies was very ashamed of it.  i only got comfortable with my **** about 10 yrs ago when i started stripping and so forth long story short so many men and women are amazed at how big ...phat.. hard it  gets when i'm turned on.  i love to get it sucked by men and women.... i just love oral.  women with tiny clits.. i feal sorry for .  i get so horny and can make myself *** by just rubbing on my **** and not just the ordinary wet.. i mean seriously dripping with stimulation to the ****.. with that being said.... i love my ****!!! BIG CLITS ROCK.....SMOOCHES..KEYANNA
keyannamoore69 keyannamoore69 26-30, F 47 Responses Feb 8, 2011

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I am so fascinated and I'm not a lesbian but you could probably make me one lol

wow I really would like to meet you and give it a try

i couldn't agree more, big clits are infinitely more sexual in appearance and there is so much more to rub and suck on if the truth be told mmmmmmmm, ps: id love to be added to your friends list beautiful ;)

I just got done looking at some of ur vids and I love them I want u to penetrate me with you big a** juicy phat cl*t

i'm want to follow you on twitter

I just wanted to say that I find you a very pretty lady. That is interesting that you have a large **** . i seen few of them in **** but neverseen one live or in person. knowing me being bisexual id probably get very hot and bothered. If i seen it ....:/ of course then would want to trib until I gush repeativly .however I do not have a large one myself so:( I do have large boobies though ...meh.. Just wanted to share my thoughts:) take care

I loveeeee ur vids!! My good god the trib is HOT!!

I see you haven't been on EP in awhile. I sure wish you'd come back. We are both from Atlanta, and I'd just love to get together with you. You're big **** story has gotten this nice warm drop of precum oozing out of me and I'd love to give it to you.

I just wanna suck on that **** all night

Kell, you'd like to suck keyanna's ****, what about sucking a ****? Do you like that also?

Kell, any chance you're in the Atlanta area?

I want to **** your ***** keyanna ok

Wish there were more vids of you and mzmuffin online. I registered on your site but within 2 days watched every last one. lol. More more more plz! Especially trib. Hot!

amazing story please add me

Very sexy, would luv to suck that big ****

Hiya i have been searching for a woman with a big **** are you single by chance??

Wow luv ur **** .....

Wow, now you've really got me curious. You're in Atlanta? Me too, awesome! Let's add each other, chat/get acquainted, okay? Always good to find somebody local!

i love big clits the best sex u could ever have

hello keyannamoore

I have a very big **** and that is my fantasy also to be with another woman with one!!!!

Mmmmm.. Mine too!! Email me at

You ara so lucky! My wife has what is called a hooded clitoris. I have to work really hard to make her ***. I would so love to lick and suck yours.

I love your ****, I am in a relationship with a man have always dated men, but I have always had a freakish side and just looking at your **** turns me on. Wish you were here in shreveport.

Oh how I wish.My lips on your **** and two fingers up your ****.UMMM

Your **** is AWESOME I would suck that on ANY day of the week. You are so lucky to have such an outstanding gift of pleasure

i love big clits would love to see yours

I am so glad to see the interest in big clits... there are so many women that are uncomfortable with their body for this very reason... now, if i could just find another woman for myself with a big ****..that's my fantasy..hint hint...:-)

I totally agree, big clits are awesome !! My gfs **** gets very big when aroused. I love sucking on it until she explodes in my mouth !!

It would be overkill to say "i luv big clits" here in this post. But damn i do. I was lucky to find a huge **** early on as a teen. A friend with a **** at least an inch and a half and thick around. She was embarrassed by it until i shared with her how awesome and sexy i thought it was. It was then she let me really take my time to worship it over and over through the next few years. Stroking it. Licking it. Watching it get so swollen and engorged. Sucking it in and out of mouth while fingers inside to the best *******. Have been searching for another for years now and cant find one that comes even close. Ahhhhh memories.

Wow bigboy1856, i would love to meet you sometime....

That would be nice. Add me please. Would love to see more of you

oh baby please add me,,, I LOVE BIG CLITS!!! they do rock!!

Im so glad you love you big ****. Many women who have them are ashamed of them. I dont know why. They are so much fun.

Im so glad you love you big ****. Many women who have them are ashamed of them. I dont know why. They are so much fun.