Women And Men Love My Big ****

I love playing with couples having them both enjoy me. When i met my first couple I was so worried that either the man or the woman would not like my **** and i would have to leave with embarrassment .The women felt it first as she rubbed her fingers over the outside of my panties, I could tell she was shocked as she felt my throbbing hard **** through the silk. To my amazement she became more and more excited the harder she stroked, as did i.before i knew it she had pulled my panties aside and exposed my now very wet ***** to her husband, he immediately dived down and licked and sucked at my big **** while his wife groaned as i she watched. she couldn't hold back and as he pulled back she took his place rubbing and sucking at my ****, while he slid his fingers in to my tight wet *****.... the finale was me squirting over both of their faces and watching them kiss with my *** in their mouths...Big clits work, that's for sure
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3 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Thank you for sharing your story..and concerns that I know live with many women who are shall we say button blessed. It still escapes me when a body part is dedicated to fun and pleasure how cannot bigger be better? There is more for you and those luck others to enjoy. The view that femine equals petite tucked away flowers and anything beyond that is a problem is just misguided..and that travels across both men and women.

There is a group forum called LPSG or Large Penis Support Group that takes on the challenges and pleasures of being well hung. I hope you post and others in this group can serve the same purpose. Enjoy being the blessed you full out!

Big clits get me so hard. I'd love to suck on yours.

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