Looking 4 Another Girl 4 Nasty **** Play

i love to use things to pump my **** i love pumping so it gets long and big. i would like a woman to watch me then lick me and suck my swollen **** i would love to have sex with a girl with a big long **** . 

wetclit1 wetclit1 26-30 8 Responses Jul 14, 2009

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I would absolutely love to help you out! Let me know!!!

My ****'s throbbing now... just like my name ;) I just read yours and Mareola's stories and I'm going to have to make myself come thinking about such lovely swollen clits and wet *******. If you'd like to chat or show me pics or videos I'd be incredibly excited.<br />
<br />

I would love to suck on your swollen ****

I have a big tall **** you can lick! Your post has it all ready for you.

Your post made me play with my own ****... I'd love to get it pumped at some point. I'm so horny now!

I also have a very large ****, and have a hard time keeping my hands off of it! Awhile back, I had a beautiful sexy girlfriend with the biggest **** I have ever seen, maybe 2 inches long and huge fat. My god, I loved sucking and licking that beautiful **** and eating her sweet, sweet *****. Damn, then she found a boyfriend. Why can't she just enjoy both of us? It's ok with me!


Say something about the size of your c.