Erect Big Thick Brown Nipples

I was so shy, but naked, my nipples are so beautful.  Dark, long nipples hard like bullets, I have been told my nipples are as erect as two small *****, so erect and long. Intense sensitive nipples wait to be milked.

Hulagirlz Hulagirlz
51-55, F
12 Responses Mar 30, 2010

they sound very beautiful.

You've got my attention. Brown is my favorite color for nipples... and the darker the better and the more turned on I get.

enjoy some long thick nipples braless in my little sundress

Oh, I am so ready. You have no idea..., babe.

Eye candy

and, hopefully, a bit more than that.

my nipples are like huge ripe blueberries

I would love to worship and ravish them... and then you, too.

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I wish I could suckle them now, I love dark prominent nipples.

Waiting patiently to see your beautiful nipples... :-)

Show me!!!! hee hee

Milking is what I so desire!

MMnnnn yummy, I just love huge nips

I'd love to give your nipples all the attention they desire

mmmm, getting excited thinking about them

Ah, but when u do find her...... both will enjoy hours of sucking pleasure

I hope some day to meet a woman with your interests. So few and far between.

That's great, would love to see them and suck on them :)